Loserfruit confirms her Fortnite Icon Series skin is delayed

Instagram: Loserfruit

Just a few days after her Fortnite Icon Series skin was leaked, Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten has confirmed that the skin is on its way, but has been delayed due to current global events.

The Fortnite Icon Series was created to commemorate some of the biggest personalities that have come from Epic Games’ hit battle royale title. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was the first to get his own skin in January 2020, but nobody else has had one since.

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Though rumors bounced around that other top influencers such as Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney would or should be honored, the only one that leaks really seemed to suggest were coming was that of Loserfruit’s.

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Instagram: loserfruit
Loserfruit has become massively popular through her Fortnite streams.

Loserfruit is an Australian content creator that saw huge growth thanks to her Fortnite streams, and on May 30, her Icon Series skins were leaked, revealing what fans could be getting in the near future.

Now, though, Loserfruit revealed in her June 3 stream that the skin has been, unfortunately, delayed.

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“Update: Last night, at like 1am I think, me and Epic decided it wasn’t the right time to release the skin this week,” she said. “I think you guys know from the leaks – and I never acknowledge the leaks – that it was meant to come out on the third (of June).”

She continued: “So, we decided to wait. It didn’t feel right to do it… We can’t really celebrate at the moment.”

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Loserfruit clearly looks a little upset at the change, calling the skin “one of the most crazy things that’s going to happen [to me],” but is evidently understanding of the situation given what is currently going on across the United States and globally.

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She does go on to say that the skin won’t be coming this week, and “next week is the new season so it won’t be then either,” so fans may be looking closer to the end of June to see the Loserfruit skin in the Item Shop.

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As for which other content creators will be added to the Icon Series line, we don’t know yet, but expect to see some big names in the coming months.

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