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How to watch Fortnite Season 7 start event: Date & time, stream, aliens & more

Published: 7/Jun/2021 16:32

by Alex Garton


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is finally coming to end, and that means Epic Games will be ready to kick off Season 7 with a bang. Here’s everything you need to know about the season’s start event. 

When it comes to live in-game events, it’s hard to find a title that does it better than Fortnite. From Travis Scott’s Astronomical Concert to J Balvin’s Afterlife Party, Epic Games certainly know how to host an exciting and engaging kickoff to the next update.

Things changed when the ‘Primal’ Chapter 2 Season 6 arrived, though, as Epic decided to kick off the new season with a playable solo experience called the Zero Point Finale rather than holding a live finale event as players have come to expect.


Fortnite Season 6 finale
Epic Games
Fortnite Season 6 is expected to run until June 7, 2021.

Epic have confirmed there will be a Season 7 Story Trailer, and many Fortnite fans are expecting another playable event, similar to Season 6, that could offer up an explanation for the UFO abductions that have been happening over recent weeks.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know about the Season 7 start event and what you can expect to see.

What is the Fortnite Season 7 start event?

In order to progress the game’s story and introduce the theme for an upcoming season, Epic Games usually host an event for players to take part in at the end or beginning of each season – and this time, an alien invasion looks like it’s on the cards.


With Epic hosting the Zero Crisis Finale solo experience at the beginning of Season 6, Fortnite players are expecting a similar event to take place at the start of Season 7. We’re definitely getting a Story Trailer, but it’s unknown if a playable solo event will happen.

Fortnite Season 7 UFO Alien Abduction

Fortnite Season 7 start event start date & time

It’s been revealed by Epic that the Season 7 Story Trailer will stream live via their YouTube channel on Tuesday, June 8, at 2 AM ET (7 AM BST), just one day after the Season 6 Battle Pass comes to a close.

If there is a playable start event, it will likely follow this Story Trailer and be available when Season 7 launches a few hours later, probably around 4 AM ET (9 AM BST).


Fortnite Season 7 start event stream

Epic have confirmed that the Season 7 Story Trailer will premiere live on their official YouTube channel on Tuesday, June 8, at 2 AM ET | 7 AM BST, and you can tune in via the stream below.

Although this is a live premiere, the Story Trailer will remain on their YouTube channel once the event ends, so even if you’re busy when the action begins, you’ll be able to catch up when you’re free.

Fortnite Season 7 event leaks: Aliens and UFOs

A series of leaks and in-game teasers have suggested that aliens and UFOs could be the theme of Season 7.

Following the v16.50 patch, a range of unreleased animations, sounds, and quest lines related to aliens were discovered by prominent Fortnite data miners.


After these leaks were unveiled, UFOs began appearing across the Island, abducting players at random and teleporting them to other locations. Meanwhile, crop circles appeared at the Colossal Crops location.

While none of this guarantees that Season 7 and any potential start event are going to be completely centered around aliens, it’s very likely the extraterrestrial creatures are going to be involved in a major way.

Epic Games will no doubt continue to tease the upcoming event with a series of clues across the Fortnite map, so make sure you stay vigilant while you’re playing in the buildup to the update.


It may even be worth keeping an eye on the sky, as it appears a number of extra-terrestrial lifeforms may be on their way to cause some havoc in Fortnite’s upcoming season.