How to unlock Fortnite’s new Heartspan Glider for free

. 3 years ago

Players in Fortnite Battle Royale can now unlock the brand new Heartspan Glider for free, but this promotion is only available until later today.

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The new Glider features a shiny red heart surrounded by orange trails and flanked on either side by dark teal wings. There are also handles underneath for the character to grab onto that also have orange trails. 

While the Glider itself is free, players will not be able to unlock it alone as the process requires people to gift it to each other in-game using the gifting system that has just been re-enabled. 

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This is not at all difficult to do, however, as you simply have to visit the Item Shop, click on the Heartspan Glider in the Featured Items section, and then click ‘Buy As a Gift.’

At this point a new screen will pop up asking you to select a single recipient from your list of friends, after which you can write a personalized message and send the glider to them.

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Keep in mind that this promotion expires today Saturday, February 16 and will no longer be available after 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET, so make sure to gift the Heartspan Glider before then.

You will also need to enable Two-Factor Authentication to be able to use the Gifting System, and you can view the steps on how to do that by visiting our 2FA how-to article

If you need further help on how to gift the Heartspan Glider, or you want to show someone how to gift it to you, check out the demonstration video below, courtesy of YouTube channel ‘Fortnite Classic.’

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This Heartspan Glider promotion is part of the ongoing ‘Share the Love’ event in Fortnite, which started on February 8 and will last until February 27.

The event, which is in honor of Valentine’s Day, features a slew of new in-game content, including Overtime Challenges and Rewards, the free Cuddle Hearts Wrap, Double XP, a ranked competitive series, and the $500,000 Secret Skirmish tournament.

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Make sure to monitor @Dexerto and the Dexerto Fortnite page to stay updated on any and all of the content for the Share the Love event!

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