Fortnite: Overtime Challenges and how to complete them to get free Season 8 Battle Pass

Calum Patterson

Season 7 of Fortnite isn’t over just yet, as we are now into ‘overtime’, for the final two weeks of February, indicated by the launch of the Overtime Challenges.

Uniquely, these challenges cross over between both Battle Royale and Creative Mode, and will add new challenges to the list over the two weeks they are available, until February 27.

As well as earning the standard XP, battle stars and cosmetic rewards, there is a massive bonus for completing these challenges – you will be given access to the Season 8 battle pass for free.

So, whether you like completing Fortnite challenges or not, these Overtime Challenges are crucial, as they will save you spending any of your precious V-Bucks on the upcoming season’s battle pass, usually around $10.

The first challenges in the Overtime set have now been revealed, with three exclusively for Season 7 battle pass owners, and the first free challenges are now unlocked too.

For the battle pass owners, you simply need to rank up your account and keep progressing, so there’s not much to be explained there.

The first Overtime Challenges.
More Overtime challenges have now been revealed.

The interesting part comes below, with the free challenges. 

How to complete Overtime Challenges

Complete 13 Free Overtime Challenges to get Season 8 Battle Pass

This is the main goal of these new challenges – check out details of all the tasks below so you can complete 13 in time to earn a free Season 8 battle pass.

Collect (15) Coins in Featured Creative Islands – 500 XP

Simple head into Creative mode, pick any of the islands available, and hunt around for the coins. Simply standing next to the coin should count it as being ‘found’, and you will then see the progress bar fill.

The coins can be found on various Fortnite Creative islands.

Deal damage to opponents with Assault Rifles or Pistols (500) – 500 XP

Nothing too complex here, just make sure you pick up AR’s and Pistols whenever you come across them. Pistols aren’t great for damage, so try to get the drop on opponents, otherwise you will most likely end up eliminated yourself.

The Heavy AR is the highest damage weapon in it’s class, so try to use it when possible.

Search 7 chests or ammo boxes at a motel or an RV Park – 500 XP

This one is straightforward enough, but you will need to know where to go. The motel is at the very north west of the map, north of Pleasant Park. RV Park is just north of Retail Row.

Place Top 15 in Duos with a friend 3 times – Valentine Wrap

This challenge wants you to find a partner, and will reward you with the pink Valentine weapon wrap. If you really want to get this challenge done, just play it slow until you reach the top 15 (i.e. when there is 30 or less players remaining).

If you don’t have a partner this Valentine’s period, just use the fill option to find a partner, then party up with them after – playing duos with a random partner from fill probably won’t count towards the challenge progress.

Regain health from a campfire in different matches 3 times – 500 XP

For this challenge, you can use the new Foraged Campfire’s which are littered around the map. Added with the v7.30 content update, there are plenty of these fires to choose from. If you don’t need to heal, simply take some fall damage – and then get to the nearest fire to complete the challenge.

Here’s a map of every Foraged Campfire on the Fortnite map.

Visit different named locations (10) – 500XP

This challenge is the easiest yet – you may want to land somewhere in the center of the map, so you can quickly move through named locations like Tilted Towers, Dusty Divot, Retail Row etc.

Search a supply drop in different matches 2 times – 500XP

This one you should be able to tick off just by playing naturally, but keep an eye to the sky to see when those supply drops are coming down. You’ll also need to watch out for increased competition for them though, due to this challenge.

Revive a player in different matches 3 times – Loading Screen

It’s almost cheating, but you could always jump into a duos match with a friend and simply take fall damage over to ensure you get a revive. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to do it in three different matches.

Visit 7 Different Waterfalls – 500 XP

There are a total of eight waterfalls on the Fortnite map – here’s a full map with every waterfall location.

Deal Damage to Opponents with Shotguns or SMG’s (500) – 500 XP

Nothing complex about this one, just make sure you get up nice and close before taking any chances with these close range weapon types.

Search 7 chests or ammo boxes at the Block – 500 XP

The Block is the name for where Risky Reels used to be, and there is no fan-made creations there instead. It’s currently ‘Mr Slick Willyz’ Block’ on the map, and can be found just north of Wailing Woods. 

Place top 10 in Squads with a friend 3 times – Trail

For this one, you will need to be in a party with at least one friend, and then you can either use the fill option or just go in 2v4. Play it slow and try to secure the top 10, rather than playing too aggressively – unless you’re confident in your ability.

The final Overtime Challenges are expected to be available on Friday, February 22, and thanks to leaks, we already know what they are going to be:

  • Outlast 75 opponents in a single match
  • Play matches of Driftin’ with a friend
  • Thank the bus driver in different matches
  • Search chests or ammo boxes at a racetrack or a dance club

We will keep this post updated with all the Overtime Challenges and how to complete them as they are released.

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