How to get the new Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite

Fortnite Gravity GunEpic Games

A brand new weapon called the Grab-Itron (Gravity Gun) has arrived in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, and it looks like it’s going to cause chaos across the Island.

Ahead of the Rift Tour and long-awaited Ariana Grande concert, Epic Games have dropped a new 17.30 update. One of the biggest additions is the leaked Gravity Gun, which is officially known as the Grab-Itron.

As the weapon’s official description states, the Grab-Itron allows you to “grab things and throw them at other things”, which sounds like a lot of fun! It can even stop rockets mid-flight and chuck them back.

This weapon was first shown in the trailer for Season 7, so naturally, fans have been waiting for its arrival. Here’s everything you need to know about where to get it, how it works, and whether it’s any good or not.

Where to get the Grab-Itron Gravity Gun in Fortnite

Fortnite GrabitronEpic Games
Players can take down UFOs with the Grab-Itron weapon.

The Grab-Itron can be found in chests, but you’ll have more luck finding one by landing on top of Abductors or getting it as a reward inside the Mothership after playing the orb-collecting mini-game.

We’ve got a complete guide to finding Abductors and getting inside the Mothership here.

How to use the Grab-Itron Gravity Gun

Using the Grab-Itron is pretty simple, but as expected, it doesn’t quite work in the same way as most other weapons in the game.

You’ll first need to aim and fire at the object you want to grab, and then you’ll be able to move them around in the air by moving your aim. Pressing the reload button will let you rotate whatever you’ve grabbed.

Finally, you can throw the object you’ve grabbed by pressing fire once again. Face the direction you want to launch it in and watch it fly off into the distance! This is a great way to take down UFOs or builds.

Grab-Itron Stats: Is it any good?

The Grab-Itron’s stats seem a little low, but that’s because its power is dependant on what object it picks up. Because of this special flair, the gun doesn’t have a consistent DPS and can’t critical hit players.

Here are the Grab-Itron’s full stats:

  • Fire rate – 1
  • Magazine size – 1
  • Reload time – 0.9 seconds

The amount of damage the Grab-Itron deals depends on the size of the object picked up. Players can also keep hold of these objects and use them as a shield to defend themselves from incoming danger instead.

That’s everything you need to know about the Grab-Itron! For the latest news, guides, and leaks, make sure you visit our Fortnite home page.