Where to find the Shadow Tracker exotic in Fortnite Season 6

Fortnite Season 5 Shadow Tracker pistolEpic Games

With the release of Fortnite Season 6, a bunch of big changes arrived on The Island, and exotic weapons such as the Shadow Tracker have all been moved around.

Exotic weapons are super rare and can only be bought from trading Gold Bars with some of the non-playable characters you’ve likely seen bandied about on the map, such as Slurp Jonesy or Big Chuggus.

These NPCs will happily take your Gold Bars in exchange for healing items as well as weapons, but really, exotic weapons are one of the more exciting additions to the game that you’ll want to try and get.

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In order to get the exotic Shadow Tracker pistol, you’ll need to know who to speak to and how many Gold Bars you’ll need. That’s where we come in.

Shadow Tracker location in Fortnite

Fortnite Season 6 Shadow Tracker locationEpic Games
The Shadow Tracker location in Fortnite Season 6.

You won’t be able to find exotic weapons like the Shadow Tracker lying around the map or in chests. You’ll need to speak to a specific NPC. In this case, you’ll want to find Power Chord and purchase the gun from her.

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Fortunately, there’s only one location that Power Chord can spawn at, so you won’t have to go searching around multiple areas. She will appear at the Dance Club Cabin, which is on a hill southwest of Misty Meadows.

Here’s how to get the Shadow Tracker pistol in Fortnite Season 6:

  1. Head towards the hills southeast of Misty Meadows.
  2. The building you’re looking for is the Dance Club Cabin at the top of the hill.
  3. Enter this building and search for Power Chord. She’ll have three dots above her head.
  4. Talk to her and select the Shadow Tracker option from the menu.
  5. Click again to confirm your purchase.
Fortnite Shadow Tracker Power ChordEpic Games
The Shadow Tracker can be purchased from Power Chord.

Obviously, you can’t just pick this up, and you need to exchange Gold Bars to earn the exotic pistol — so let’s go through that.

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How much does the Shadow Tracker cost?

The addition of exchangeable Gold Bars as a currency in Fortnite has changed things up quite a bit. With multiple exotic weapons available in the game, you’ll have to save up a fair amount to try them all out.

Fortunately, the Shadow Tracker is one of the cheapest you can currently purchase, as you’ll only need 400 Gold Bars to get it. We’ve got a guide for making money in Fortnite just in case you’re running low.

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So, that’s how you get the Shadow Tracker pistol in Fortnite Season 6. You can also find out how to get all of the new Exotic weapons in Season 6 right here.