How to get and use a Star Wars lightsaber in Fortnite

Scott Robertson
Epic Games / Disney

The iconic weapons from Star Wars are now available in Fortnite following the special in-game Rise of the Skywalker event on December 14. Here’s how to grab one of the multi-colored melee weapons during a match.

Finally, you can become the Jedi or Sith warrior you’ve dreamed of being.

Lightsabers were rumored and anticipated to be added to Fortnite for some time now, ever since the collaboration between the battle royale and the Star Wars franchise was officially announced.

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A day after Rey, Finn, and Sith stormtrooper were officially announced as skin additions at The Game Awards, the iconic lightsaber has joined them.

How do I get a lightsaber?

Well, you can’t craft them unfortunately, given that it is a tradition for a young Padawan to craft their own lightsaber. But you can find one.

They are located in specialty blue chests, that spawn anywhere a normal chest would, but they are rare. Instead of the usual chest sound, they give off the familiar hum of a lightsaber.

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Epic GamesThe lightsaber chest in-game. May lead to feeling like you’re invincible.

Opening one of these rare chests will spill out a collection of lightsabers for you to pick from. You can take all of them and sport a collection that will make General Grievous envious, or be conservative and rational like a wise Jedi Master and take just one.

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How do the lightsabers work?

It’s a melee weapon with a blocking mechanic. The lightsaber swings can be timed into combo, which results in a final, leaping spin strike that does extra damage. Disappointingly, it appears you cannot throw them, yet.

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The blocking mechanic is simple, hold down and deflect bullets and blaster bolts like a true master of the blade. Unfortunately, for fans of Jedi Fallen Order, it doesn’t appear that you can deflect the bullets or blaster bolts back at your opponents.

Epic GamesSeveral of the new Star Wars challenges require you to wield the legendary lightsaber.

Upon a couple tries with it, it doesn’t appear like blocking has a limit. During a game, a player unloaded with a blaster rifle for nearly 10 seconds and all the bolts were deflected away. You can run and block as well, allowing you to close the distance to an opponent using a ranged weapon. You may not be able to fully block shotgun blasts.

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What colors/sabers are there?

Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber, Kylo Ren’s red crossguard lightsaber, Rey’s blue lightsaber, and Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber are all available.

Currently, there are no lightsabers available as cosmetics to replace the pickaxe, but several high-profile Fortnite leakers seem to believe that one could be on the way.

No word yet either if double-bladed lightsabers, a la Darth Maul’s, will be added in the near future. But what else should Star Wars contribute to Fortnite?

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