How to complete Fortnite Season 5 Week 10 challenges

Published: 3/Feb/2021 15:40

by Daniel Megarry


On a mission to complete Fortnite’s Season 5 Week 10 challenges? We’ve got a definitive guide with some handy tips to finish them all in no time.

Another set of weekly challenges have arrived in Fortnite, and that means even more chances for players to earn that all-important XP and max out their Battle Pass before Season 5 comes to an end on March 15.

This week’s quests are actually pretty easy in comparison to previous ones this season. There are no hidden items to find or unmarked locations to visit, so it shouldn’t take you too long to tick them all off your list.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5
Epic Games
Season 5 Week 10 challenges have arrived in Fortnite.

In fact, most of the Week 10 challenges are activities you’ll complete during everyday play. For example, you’ll need to consume three items of food, upgrade three weapons, and eliminate five IO Guards.

Below you’ll find the complete list of quests you can tackle during Week 10. There are seven Epic quests in total, as well as a single Legendary quest that will earn you a huge amount of XP when finished.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 10 Quests

  • Use food consumables (3)
  • Eliminations with Common Weapons (1)
  • Go for a swim at Lazy Lake (1)
  • Dance near Pleasant Park (1)
  • Deal Melee Damage (300)
  • Upgrade weapons (3)
  • Eliminate IO Guards (5)

Using food consumables is pretty straightforward. You can find them inside stores at locations like Retail Row and Misty Meadows. Getting eliminations with common weapons is easy too, as you’ll find them lying around as floor loot.

To go swimming at Lazy Lake, you’ll need to visit the lake at the south of the map, which is in between Misty Meadows and the Lazy Lake POI. Dancing near Pleasant Park will require you to simply use a dance emote at Pleasant Park.

Fortnite Pleasant Park
Epic Games
One Week 10 challenge requires you to dance at Pleasant Park.

Dealing melee damage can be done by attacking other players with your pickaxe, which could be dangerous if your target has strong weapons. It might be best to do this near the beginning of a match when players are still searching for loot.

The upgrading weapons challenge requires you to visit an NPC that offers this service, such as Kondor at Misty Meadows, with some Gold Bars to spare. Upgrading common weapons is cheaper, so do that if you’re running low.

Finally, we’ve got a handy IO Guard location guide from a previous challenge to help you complete the final Epic quest of eliminating five IO Guards.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 10 Legendary Quest

  • Destroy sofas, beds, or chairs (20/40/60/80/100)

As far as Legendary Quests go, this is probably one of the easiest we’ve seen so far. While other weeks have required you to take down IO Guards or get headshot damage, this one doesn’t even require you to engage in combat.

A grand total of 100 sofas, beds, or chairs need to be destroyed to fully complete this Legendary Quest, which could take you a while to do. Just keep an eye out for them while looting houses for weapons, and you should be fine.

Remember, you’ll need to complete all of the Week 10 challenges by Thursday, February 11, 2021, when they’ll be replaced by the Week 11 challenges.


New Fortnite leak hints at NPC drivers & boss vehicles in Season 6

Published: 23/Feb/2021 21:05

by Tanner Pierce


Massively popular battle royale game Fortnite might be getting some new features for its vehicles in the near future, including the possibility of NPC drivers or boss vehicles – if a recent code uncovered by a dataminer/leaker on Twitter is to be believed.

If you’ve been hoping for more from the vehicles in Fortnite, then there may be some good news for you on the horizon.

A leaker/dataminer named ‘Mang0e’ over on Twitter has discovered some unreleased “AI spawner capabilities for vehicles” in the Fortnite’s code that were added in during the game’s 15.40 update on February 16, 2021.

While they don’t have an exact answer for what it could be, they do speculate that it could mean that NPC drivers could be coming to the game. If this is the case, this would help players get around the map while also giving them a way to fight back, without having to rely on another player driving the car.

This theory has also grabbed the eye of another Fortnite leaker, iFireMonkey, who claims he had the same exact thought when he first saw the code for himself.

Magn0e also speculates that this code could mean that boss vehicles might be coming to the game, which would then attack players.

Of course, both thoughts are pure speculation at this point, and the only thing we know for a certainty right now is that there’s code referencing AIs and vehicles in the game’s code. The code/idea may end up getting completely scrapped and never released.

That being said, this particular situation is interesting because, according leaker HYPEX, Epic is currently testing attachments/mods for vehicles in the game, which may be connected to this code in some way (although that may be reaching a bit).

Nevertheless, it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes out of this in the future, and with Season 6 right around the corner, it hopefully won’t be too much longer.