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Fortnite Battle Royale • Mar 28, 2019

Fortnite Battle Royale: Top five rarest skins, gliders, pickaxes, and emotes as of June 4, 2019

Fortnite Battle Royale: Top five rarest skins, gliders, pickaxes, and emotes as of June 4, 2019
Epic Games

There are thousands upon thousands of cosmetic items in Fortnite Battle Royale, some of which are considered to be a lot more rare than the rest, and we've identified the top five rarest ones for each category. 


The rarity of Fortnite Battle Royale cosmetics is difficult to determine because there's no absolutely perfect or reliable way that it can be calculated or measured.

Most people tend to look at how long it's been since a particular skin, glider, emote, or pickaxe had last appeared in the Item Shop, and use that to determine the rarity of certain items relative to others. 


While this approach does work for cosmetics sold in the Shop, it cannot be used to calculate the rarity of Battle Pass cosmetics, as some are naturally rare because they were available during the early period of Fortnite when there were not nearly as many people playing.

There are also numerous items that are rare because they were sold in bundles early on, such as the early Starter Packs, the PlayStation 4 exclusive bundle, and the first Twitch Prime set, which not a lot of players got around to buying.

Epic Games
Widely considered to be the rarest skin in the game, the Ghoul Trooper actually comes in second on the overall list.


Rarest Outfits and Skins

As far as outfits and skins from the Item Shop go, the rarest one is still the Recon Expert, which hasn't been in the shop for over a whopping 570 days. 

That's followed by the Ghoul Trooper (554 days), Codename E.L.F (490 days), Star-Spangled Trooper (335 days), and Star-Spangled Ranger (335 days). 

An honorable mention goes to the Renegade Raider, (Season 1 Season Store), Black Knight (Season 2 Battle Pass), Blue Team Leader (PS Bundle), and the Double Helix (Switch Bundle), simply because not many players have access to those skins. 

As a side note, the Jumpshot and Triple Threat skins were both recently brought back to the Item Shop after not having appeared in over 317 days. 

Epic Games
The recon expert continues to be the rarest skin in Fortnite.

Rarest Gliders

The rarest glider to have ever appeared in the Item Shop continues to be the Raptor, which hasn't been seen in the Shop for over 308 days.

That's followed by Fighter Kite (242), Royale Dragon (236), Oktoberfest (218), and Crypt Cruiser (216). 

Similar to the oufit skins, a special mention has to be made for the glider that came with the Blue Team Leader PS exclusive set. 

Two of the previous top five gliders - Hangtime and Planetary Probe - were both recently featured in the Shop after not having been seen for over 317 and 247 days respectively. 

Epic Games
Thanks to Hangtime featuring in the Item Shop again, the Raptor is now the rarest glider in Fortnite BR.

Rarest Pickaxes

The pickaxe that has not been seen in the Item Shop the longest is currently the Piledriver, which hasn't appeared in the Shop for 287 days.

That is followed by the Throttle (245 days), Spiky (227 days), Dark Shard (219 days), and Axcordion (218 days).

The Slam Dunk, by far the rarest pickaxe on this list for a long time, was finally brought back to the Item Shop after over 317 days, while the Global Axe (247 days) was also recently featured.

Epic Games
After being the rarest pickaxe for a long time, the Slam Dunk was brought back to the Item Shop after 317 days of absence.

Rarest Emotes

Last but not least, emotes. Currently, the rarest emote, in terms of length of time spent out of the Item Shop, is the Flapper, which hasn't been seen for 315 days.

Second through fourth on the list are Confused, Thumbs Up, and Thumbs Down, all of which have not been seen in the Shop for over 284 days. Rounding off the top five is Rock Paper Scissors at 260 days.

The Baller emote, which had previously been the fifth rarest emote at over 270 days, was recently featured again in the Shop.  

Of course, most of these cosmetic items are always liable to instantly losing their rarity if they ever get added back into the Item Shop. That's why it's probably never a good idea to invest or overspend for cosmetics that are considered "rare."

Now that you know which cosmetic items in the popular battle royale title are considered to be the more rare, go and check your account and see how many, if any, you have in your inventory!

UPDATED: June 4, 2019 - 10:00 PM EST