Fortnite TikToker gets attacked by whole lobby after unveiling fake Axe of Champions

fortnite axe of champions midas tiktok

A TikTok of a Fortnite player has gone viral after they were attacked in the game’s lobby for showing off the highly coveted Axe of Champions.

Some cosmetic items in Fortnite hold ridiculous value in the eyes of players. So much so that some players are willing to break Fortnite’s TOS and pay ridiculous amounts of money for accounts with rare skins.

Having these cosmetic items is a badge of honor. As seen in a recent viral Fortnite TikTok, entire lobbies of players will go nuts over the rarest cosmetics.

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Renegade Raider, Reaper, and most cosmetics from early Chapter 1 are the most popular rare items. However, one player recently received the rarest pickaxe in Fortnite by accident which led to utter chaos.

TikToker receives Fortnite Axe of Champions by accident

fortnite axe of champions in gameEpic Games
The Axe of Champions is rewarded to the 21 winners of the Fortnite Champion Series

For those who aren’t familiar, the Axe of Champions is one of Fortnite’s rarest and most exclusive cosmetic items. That’s because only 21 of these axes exist. At least, that was the case until Fortnite accidentally gave this axe to hundreds of players, meaning there’s 21 authentic items and a whole lot of fakes.

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TikTok user Spacyss was one of these lucky players that received a fake Axe of Champions. The axe is given to the 21 winners of the Fortnite Champion Series, and Spacyss was not one of them. But thanks to a goof of Fortnite’s end, all of the Grand Royale qualifiers were given the axe for a brief period.

The video below is what unfolded once Spacyss realized they had the axe. As anyone else would, they equipped it and showed it off in the Fortnite lobby. And it didn’t take long for the entire lobby to swarm the player, thinking they were a champion!

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Spacyss ended the video by stating how ugly the axe is and asking if they should refund it. While you can’t refund the Axe of Champions, they likely don’t have it in their inventory anymore.

A large portion of the Fortnite community is obsessed with rare cosmetics, so it’s no wonder this TikTok exploded.

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