Why are Fortnite players calling for a ceasefire on December 2nd?

Rishabh Sabarwal
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On December 2nd, Fortnite players have been requesting a ceasefire, which has caused confusion across the internet. As millions of fans anticipate the Chapter 4 ending The Big Bang live event, find out below the reasons for the ceasefire and everything you need to know.

Fortnite players have returned to their original roots to relive their favorite memories on the Chapter 1 map thanks to Season OG. After playing through multiple chapters, players finally landed on OG POIs, such as Tilted Towers and Loot Lake and got the nostalgic touch they were hoping for.

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Now that The Big Bang live event is here, Season OG will come to a close, bringing with it a new Chapter 5 island and a live performance by rap legend Eminem. Even though there’s a lot of buzz about it, the internet can’t seem to wrap its head around a peculiar request made by some Fortnite players.

For a live service Battle Royale game like Fortnite, the social media is now calling for a ceasefire in the game on December 2nd which is as out of the ordinary as they come. Here’s the reason behind this phenomenon and the actions taken by others.

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Fortnite players call for ceasefire to bid farewell to OG island

Josh Samsoj, a renowned Fortnite TikToker, posted an Instagram video requesting that players cease fire on December 2nd, the final day of Season OG and the Chapter 1 map. As per the TikToker, players are gathering to observe the final day of the season by walking around the OG island in peace and harmony without eliminating any opposing players as part of a ceasefire.

Since this comes off as a peaceful gesture, several players had their own thoughts to pitch in on the same. One fan said, “Make no mistake this will be the bloodiest day in Fortnite history”. Another chimed in, “We all finna get banned for teaming”. A third commented, “Nah, I’ll respect the map by wiping the (entire) lobby”.

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In an effort to rally additional players for a day of family-friendly content in the game, a number of alternative content creators published their own segments on social media platforms in support of the ceasefire. Another appeal for their followers to participate in the movement was made on TikTok by a user named Dylan Page.

Fortnite Season OG concludes on December 2 and fans in their respective regions will witness the Big Bang live event. At this time, the player base is divided regarding the ceasefire as further info will be revealed at that time.

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