Fortnite player recreates iconic Peter Griffin vs Giant Chicken fight scene

Rishabh Sabarwal
Giant Chicken vs Peter Griffin in Family Guy

The iconic fight scene between Giant Chicken and Peter Griffin from Family Guy has now been recreated by a Fortnite player.

Collaborations in Fortnite are renowned worldwide and feature prominent popular culture individuals, including athletes, streamers, and musicians. Players can participate in live events, unlock cosmetic skins, and earn rewards through Battle Pass tie-in quests, thanks to these collaborations.

The latest Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has also included the long-awaited Peter Griffin collab skin for the Battle Pass, which users have been anticipating since 2022 when rumors began to circulate online. Players were presented with several cosmetic items, including the Petercopter glider and the cosmetic skin of the iconic character from Family Guy.

"Pay to lose" Giant Chicken skin has Fortnite fans divided
“Pay to lose” Giant Chicken skin has Fortnite fans divided.

They also got Peter’s nemesis, Giant Chicken as a Fortnite skin in the Item Shop last weekend, which the community dubbed pay-to-lose. Regardless, one player got imaginative with the two Family Guy skins and recreated the show’s iconic fight scene in Fortnite.

Giant Chicken vs Peter Griffin fight scene gets a Fortnite remake

An X user shared their Fortnite recreation of the iconic fight scene between Peter Griffin and The Giant Chicken from Family Guy. In the clip, they showed both the Fortnite skins perform a punching emote at one another, while adding sound effects of punching and the characters from the original scene in the show.

The scene continues to elevate as the fight moves around the map to higher ground and then on top of a moving SUV, ultimately until the SUV crashes from a slope and both characters are thrown off a bridge.

Although it misses the intensity of the actual scene from the TV show, it stays true to its spirit by using the original audio and tension between the two characters.

Upon seeing this several fans turned in their comments with one fan saying, “The headbanging emote made me laugh several times lmao. I get what you’re going for but that s**t was hilarious.” Another chimed in, “Genuinely impressive.”

A third user said, “Wasn’t expecting Ernie the giant chicken to be in Fortnite, but hey it’s Family Guy in Fortnite so it’s awesome.” A fourth one commented, “So fun to make, just got griefed too many times lmao.”

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