Fortnite Season 3: Vibin Battle Pass ‘lookbook’ previews streetwear-inspired skins

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fortnite vibin chapter 3 season 3 key art header
Epic Games

Epic Games has revealed a look at Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3’s Battle Pass, which seems to take inspiration from modern hype-beast and streetwear culture.

Every new Fortnite season has some sort of theme or concept that the battle royale follows until the next one rolls around.

With Fortnite’s climactic Collision live event wrapping up Chapter 3 Season 2 on June 4, Epic Games have given fans a sneak peek at the next theme for Season 3.

Apparently, Fortnite Season 3 will revolve around a “chill” aesthetic, taking heavy inspiration from modern-day streetwear culture according to a new teaser website.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 inspired by streetwear culture

fortnite season 3 vibin key art skins preview
Epic Games
Epic Games released a new Fortnite ‘lookbook’ website to give fans a sneak peek at the next Battle Pass.

Epic Games Vice President and Co-Founder Mark Rein teased the Chapter 2 Season 3 theme, saying “‘Chill’ is the word” to describe the upcoming Fortnite update.

After the Collision live event concluded, the Fortnite account tweeted out a link to a website filled with flashy animations that debuted a few brand new skins.

The site previews three skins called Evie, Adira, and Malik who are all stylistically posed to make them appear like modern influencer posts on social media.

Moreover, the website teases variations of each skin, with a clear example of how Malik’s skin will change with the addition of new pauldrons and a cloak.

While the Malik and Adira skins seem to have elements of battle armor crossed with streetwear with their skins, Evie’s skin is much more obviously streetwear-inspired.

Her primary skin consists of a tank top with an ‘X’ across the chest, vibrant joggers, sneakers, and bright sunglasses with each variation.

fortnite season 3 evie skin red joggers
Epic Games
The new Evie skin is the most obviously inspired by modern streetwear culture.
fortnite season 3 lookbook evie skins
Epic Games
Evie is outfitted in vibrant joggers, a simplistic tank top, and sneakers.
fortnite season 3 vibin lookbook malik skins
Epic Games
The left image is a teaser of Malik’s skin variations, each with new additions to his armor.
fortnite season 3 adira skin lookbook
Epic Games
Adira sits on a wall with neon pink and blue samurai-esque armor.
fortnite season 3 vibin lookbook all three skins evie malik adira
Epic Games
This shot of the three skins gives a sneak peek at an entirely different skin for Evie.

Furthering this new “chill” aesthetic, the Fortnite devs began streaming a video feed showing a neon forest scape pulsating with light over lofi hip-hop music while servers are down to prep for Season 3’s start.

However, it’s unclear just how long Fortnite will be down following the end of Season 2, as the lofi stream simply states “To be continued…”

In the meantime, players can listen to and even stream the relaxing beats provided by Fortnite as they are “procedurally generated through ‘Quartz,’ an Unreal Engine sub-system. No need to worry about claims or strikes.”

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