Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Collision event recap: Season 3 teasers, I.O. Leader reveal

Fortnite collision event header

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Collision event was another stunning in-game experience where both The I.O. and The Resistance pulled out their signature weapons. Here’s everything that happened.

Fortnite Season 2 started with one of the most exciting changes to the game since its inception: Zero Build mode. In lore, Slone took the ability to build away from players starting a war between The Resistance and The I.O.

Throughout the season, Agent Jones and members of The Seven requested the player’s help with various missions. These led to numerous I.O. outposts being overtaken by the “good guys.”

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However, toward the end of the season, The I.O. erected a tower called The Collider. Housing the Zero Point, the I.O. intended to use the device to bring their leader to the current reality.

fortnite collision event mech bear

Fortnite Season 2 Collision recap

At the start of the event, players loaded into a lobby which was later revealed to be the head of a giant mecha bear. The mech was positioned on The Resistance’s Moon Base and would be piloted by the players and Paradigm, a member of The Seven.

The mech would fly down to The Island, and players were in the gunner seats blasting asteroids, tanks, and B.R.U.T.E. mechs. However, the mecha bear would be overwhelmed by rockets and would nearly fall to the I.O.’s forces.

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Luckily, everyone’s favorite banana Peeley would show up just in time with a semi-truck full of Slurp Juice. This would somehow bring the mech back to full health and allow it to plow through the I.O. unharmed.

That is until The Collider would go off causing the mech to shut down. Now on foot, the player and Jonesy would team up with The Foundation (Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson) to race up the Collider to finish off Slone.

At the top, Slone and her goons await the player in a tank. Jonesy’s attempt to reason with Slone would be to no avail, leading to Slone being crushed by the fist of the mecha bear.

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fortnite mech bear overwhelmedEpic Games
Players piloted a mech bear during the Fortnite Season 2 Collision event

Fortnite Season 3 teasers

The entirety of the event was pretty exciting and it even gave glimpses of what players can expect next season. The first of which was Darth Vader battling Obi-Wan Kenobi.

We already knew Darth Vader would be coming to Fortnite thanks to a recent leak, but now the Sith Lord has been confirmed by Epic Games. This scene was shown which scaling The Collider as the Zero Point “showed different realities”.

fortnite season 2 event darth vaderEpic Games
Darth Vader was teased during the Season 2 live event.

Additionally, players wielded the classic Assault Rifle in the second act of the event. This could possibly be pointing to the return of the AR and SCAR in Season 3.

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Following the event, players were sent to “To Be Continued” screen where a biome containing fluorescent trees and glowing mushrooms was teased. This isn’t like any biome we currently have on the map, so it could be teasing a new location.

fortnite to be continued screenEpic Games
The “To Be Continued” screen hints at a new biome coming in Season 3.

Fortnite reveals I.O. leader Geno

During the event, the Zero Point changed a few times to show different realities. It showed the real world, a scene from the Star Wars universe, and a mystierous figure with glowing eyes named Geno.

Geno is the leader of the Imagine Order making him the “big bad” of Fortnite. We didn’t get a good look at the villain, but we did see Jonsey and The Foundation jump into the Zero Point to persue Geno.

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There’s no doubt that Geno will play a larger role in Fortnite’s overarching story.

Fortnite Season 2 geno revealThe leader of The I.O., Geno, was revealed in the Fortnite Collision event.

Fortnite Season 3 is set to release at 6 AM EST on June 5. While you wait, check out our Fortnite hub where you can find all the latest Fortnite news and guides.