Instagram model reveals how influencers fake vacation photos in viral TikTok

kendallkiper leaks tiktok fakesTikTok/kendallkiper

Instagram star Kendall Kiper has shown exactly how certain influencers fake their photos in a series of TikTok videos that are going viral on the site.

Everyone wants to look good in social media photos – and sometimes, that means making some edits that completely change the context of a picture, but how often does this happen?

For Kendall Kiper, it’s a science. The Instagram model and TikTok star has started revealing just how some iconic shots are edited and the truth behind them.

From beach photos to dips in the ocean, Kiper has exposed that not everything is as it seems, proving once more that it’s best not to believe everything you see online.

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TikToker exposes how Instagram models fake photos

In one video that’s been viewed over 10 million times, Kiper discussed a photo of herself lying on a towel “at the beach” before revealing the truth.

“This picture is so funny to me, because it’s like, ‘She’s at the beach, that’s so cute.’ Incorrect. Home Depot has bags of sand for $4 and once I found that out, things went downhill,” she explained.

In a follow-up TikTok, Kipler showed a photo of herself appearing to lie in a large pool or by the ocean, but in actuality, she just filled up a small kid’s pool and the image was just zoomed in.

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“Really, this was such a good idea,” she said, posting more photos from the shoot. “It looks so good. Absolutely genius.”

Next time you see a beach photo on Instagram, look a bit closer and see if you can tell if it’s been faked or not.