YouTube’s Lofi Girl is giving away 10 scholarships for reaching 10 million subs

Virginia Glaze
Lofi Girl giving away scholarships 10 million subs
YouTube: Lofi Girl / Juan Pablo Machado

The popular Lofi Girl YouTube channel is giving away 10 scholarships in celebration of reaching 10 million subscribers. Here’s how students can enter.

If you’ve been on YouTube for any significant portion of time over the past few years, you’ve likely seen the viral ‘lofi beats to relax / study to’ live stream on the platform.

Originally named ‘ChilledCow,’ the newly-named ‘Lofi Girl’ YouTube channel has become seriously popular, replacing its repeating gif of Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of the Heart for some original art of a similar theme as the years went by.

Recently, Lofi Girl reached a jaw-dropping 10 million subscribers — and she’s celebrating the victory in a huge way.


Fans of the channel now have the chance to enter a contest to win one of 10 one-year scholarships to help pay off student loans.

This is the latest in a series of giveaways from the Lofi Girl YouTube channel — the first two tiers including merch gift cards, limited-edition vinyls, Macbooks, iPads, and more.

How to enter Lofi Girl Scholarship giveaway

Lofi Records’ scholarship giveaway starts on Tuesday, March 1 at 18:00 UTC, and ends on Monday, March 14, at 23:59 UTC.

To enter the Lofi Girl 10 million subscriber giveaway, fans should head over to Lofi Records’ Giveaway page and complete a series of steps to get started.

lofi girl scholarship giveaway
YouTube: Lofi Girl / Alex Blain
The Lofi Girl YouTube channel has reached 10 million subscribers, and is giving back to its fans by helping with the studying they use the music live stream for.

The Lofi Girl scholarships will pay for “one year’s worth of tuition fees at a university of one’s choice.”

The best news? The giveaway is open to students around the world — whether they’re currently studying, are wanting to study, or have studied at university in the past.

“I want to dedicate the special prize to the group of people who are the main reason behind this channel’s success: Students,” Lofi Girl said of the giveaway.

“Just like me, you have worked and continue to work hard to finish countless assignments, achieve high grades and get into your dream colleges/universities, and your efforts are inspiring to say the least. I want to thank you for doing what you do, and also for letting me be a part of your journey.”

Winners will be chosen and a reveal stream announced via social media shortly after the giveaway ends, using an updated animation that shows Lofi Girl revealing the winners’ names from a series of envelopes in her room.