YouTuber who got over 500 copyright strikes tells Nintendo to release soundtracks

Nitendo YouTube Copyright strikesUnsplash: @gronemo/Nintendo/YouTube

YouTuber DeoxysPrime is calling for Nintendo to release official soundtracks for its games after the company issued over 500 copyright strikes to his channel, forcing him to remove all Nintendo-related videos. 

Throughout the years, copyright strikes have taken over Twitch and YouTube, forcing many people to remove hundreds of videos.

Back in January, Toei Animation issued over 150 copyright strikes to Totally Not Mark, who uploads reactions to a wide variety of Toei-created anime.

Now, DeoxysPrime is calling for Nintendo to release official soundtracks for its in-house developed games after the YouTuber received over 500 copyright strikes from the company.

YouTuber calls for official Nintendo soundtracks

On May 30, 2022, DeoxysPrime made a community post on his YouTube channel for his 165,000 subscribers to rally around.

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It reads: “Hey everyone, Effective immediately I will be removing all Nintendo music from my channel. With 500+ claims and more than a dozen soundtracks blocked over the last week, it’s pretty clear they don’t want their music on YouTube.

“Some of you may have already noticed these soundtracks beginning to disappear but I thought I’d give you all a heads up about what’s going on. This isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with this issue on my channel but it will be the last. I’m sorry to everyone who enjoys their music but I don’t have much choice.”

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DeoxysPrime YouTube message

He continues to explain that he has no intention to delete his channel, and the rest of his non-Nintendo soundtracks will remain up for the foreseeable future. After over 500 copyright claims, he adds that it “doesn’t make sense” to leave them up.

Deoxys also calls for his subscribers to push Nintendo to release their music in official formats because many people want to listen to them regularly.

This comes just days after Pokemon fans were left baffled when The Pokemon Company announced that the Diamond and Pearl sound library was set to shut down on May 31, 2022.