Fortnite pro Clix swatted live on stream during FNCS tournament

Professional Fortnite player and streamer Cody ‘Clix’ Conrad was playing in the Fortnite Champion Series with his squad when he was swatted during a live broadcast.

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During a match on October 26, during an FNCS match, Clix had to leave his stream and teammates behind as he discovered somebody called the police to his residence.

The timing caught everyone off guard, as Clix abruptly announced to his team and viewers that he had been ‘swatted’ – a cruel and dangerous hoax where someone calls authorities to falsify a report of a crime in the hopes of sending armed officers to the scene.

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Epic GamesThe Fortnite Champion Series followed the World Cup.
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The trick is often played on streamers, as the culprit knows the ensuing choas is likely to be captured on their broadcasts.

“Police are here,” Clix exclaimed, seemingly out of nowhere, shocking his viewers. “Yo, I just got swatted.”

Luckily, nobody was harmed as a result and Clix’s team was even able to take home the victory in the match it happened. Clix had already been eliminated by that point so his departure didn’t hurt his team.

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Despite everything turning out fine, Clix was still shaken by what happened and condemned the act on social media, writing “Swatting is so disgusting, what’s the point of it,” he tweeted.

Clix is just the latest in a string of streamers that have been swatted this year, and he’s not even the first Fortnite player to fall victim to the crime.

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Shortly after bringing home a victory at the Fortnite World Cup, Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf was swatted during his Twitch stream, where he had to take a roughly 10-minute break from the broadcast to address it.

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Like Clix, Bugha wasn’t harmed as a result of this but it’s alarming how often swattings actually occur.

The infamous Call of Duty swatter Tyler Barriss was sentenced to prison as a result of getting somebody killed by police as a result of his “prank” he played.

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Unfortunately, it appears that his story has taught future swatters any lessons as they keep happening.

Many big streamers work something out with the local police to let them know who they are so the law enforcement will be aware of something like a swatting happening.

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Hopefully, Clix will be able to move on from this and continue his dominance in FNCS.

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