Tfue wipes out Ninja and his Fortnite squad with nasty snipe

Popular Fortnite professional Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was able to get a leg up on longtime rival Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins after wiping him and his team out of a squads match. 

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Tfue and Ninja have a long-standing history, doing battle in H1Z1’s battle royale mode before kicking it up a notch in Fortnite. Despite being two of the most popular members of the game’s community, the pair seemingly do not get on – with Tfue himself claiming that Ninja has always hated him.

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So, whenever they get the chance to lock horns in Fortnite, sparks usually fly and stream viewers go off the rails with their spam. That was, of course, no different during the October 26 round of the Fortnite Championship Series warm-up when their respective squads went head-to-head.

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Ninja TwitterNinja and Tfue have been competing against each other for quite some time.

While both teams put in solid showings throughout the event, it was Tfue who stole the show with an incredible sniper shot. As his squad pushed towards the safe zone within Frenzy Farm, he hit a 78-meter shot on a player crawling into the cornfields.

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As Tfue’s squad debated whether or not to take the fight, one member repeatedly called out that it was Ninja and his team. That call-out prompted them to sprint and get right into the middle of the action, hoping to eliminate the Mixer streamer’s squad. 

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That’s easier said than done, however, considering the fact that there were over 40 players left and the zone was growing smaller and smaller. 

It didn’t matter all too much, though, as Tfue’s team continued on with their rush, managing to take out members of Ninja’s team. As they corraled the final two players into a small area, Tfue himself gunned them down with back-to-back shotgun blasts. 

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Even though he may have lost a battle within the warm-up series war, it wasn’t all bad news for Ninja considering his new-look squad got some high-level practice in against top-tier Fortnite pros.

Both he and Tfue will be hoping for success in the Fortnite Championship Series which gets underway, officially, on November 1.