Fortnite players left disappointed over “pointless” customizable Back Bling

Michelle Cornelia
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One Fortnite player has shared their frustration regarding one particular back bling that doesn’t seem to do what it’s described.

Cosmetics in Fortnite have come a long way since the game first launched in 2017. With all the collaborations available, the game has arguably turned into a massive pop culture phenomenon, featuring characters anywhere from Dragon Ball Z’s Goku to the famous horror icon Michael Myers.

While new skins and collabs add more variety to the game, it’s no secret that some players have been complaining about the Item Shop greed as of late. Hence, it’s only natural for players to expect to get the most out of skins when purchasing them with V-Bucks.

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Following this, one player has shared their frustration regarding a certain back bling in the game in a Reddit thread

Titled “This back bling just lies to you,” the user showed an image of the Holo-back back bling that’s described to be compatible with any emotes – only to be left disappointed as the player could only use five of their emotes.

For the uninitiated, some skins and even back blings can be customized in the game in terms of colors, patterns, and emotes. But sadly, the description of the Holo-back back bling seems to be misleading, leading the player to be upset.

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As some have pointed out in the comments, apparently, this back bling only works with non-animated emotes. So, in the case of the OP, that option was very limited.

Some players also claimed the Halloween version of the back bling works with all emotes, though it only animates when the player gets a kill. On the other hand, others assured the OP that they’re not the only one who thought the same thing upon purchasing the back bling for the first time.

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“I got stung by this too. I bought it as it was something new for me, and I was under the impression it did what it said,” one player complained. 

“I fell for it too,” one chimed in. Meanwhile, another player didn’t even hesitate to call out this back bling for “false advertising.”

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