All Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 leaks: Greek theme, Pandora’s Box event & more

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Fortnite Greek-themed NPC Odyssey

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 2 is set to be focused around Greek mythology after a major leak has revealed various Greek-themed NPCs, skins, cosmetics, map changes, and an in-game event is coming.

Fortnite is coming to a close with its groundbreaking Chapter 5 Season, which has only a few weeks remaining.

This season has broken records and seen three groundbreaking new modes join, as well as major collabs with Family Guy, Solid Snake, and TMNT. As the season draws to its ultimate end, rumors and speculations for what to expect in Chapter 5 Season 2 have been intensifying.

One of these rumors that has been circulating for months in the community is the theme of Greek mythology. Now, various files in the game have been discovered off the back of the new v28.30 update, which all but confirms Chapter 5 Season 2 is going to be Greek-themed.

Here are all the Fortnite leaks found from trusted data miners that reveal next season’s theme is Greek.

All Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Greek theme leaks

According to trusted leakers in the Fortnite community of ShiinaBR, HYPEX, Guille_GAG, and FNChiefAko, numerous data files from the game itself have been discovered. These suggest that a Greek mythology theme is coming in Chapter 5 Season 2.

Odyssey NPC and skin

Epic Games has even added an Odyssey NPC into the Battle Royale mode with their v28.30 Fortnite update. She spawns at Ruined Reels and if you interact with her, she states: “I can feel an ancient power growing on the island”

Odyssey has been found in the game files to have her own skins and cosmetics as part of the “Odyssey” cosmetic set. One of which shows her wearing armor that depicts ancient Greece.

Cerberus skin

Cerberus has also been revealed to allegedly be joining Fortnite this season. A skin as well as a Greek-themed Loading Screen that shows the three-headed beast and ancient Greek columns was also found by dataminers.

Survey skin

According to Wensoing, a new skin has been found in the files that is rumored to be a part of the Season 2 Battle Pass. As well as this, a brand-new Wrap codenamed ‘ADrip” has been discovered, and “the color scheme closely matches the survey skin.”

Greek mythology event

Dataminers have also stumbled upon data files that suggest that an in-game event is coming next season.

A large hand, which is said to be named “Titan’s Hand,” has been discovered, which appears to be the main focal point of the upcoming event. It is made out of lava and molten rock and points toward some major map changes coming in Chapter 5 Season 2.

According to various leaks, Titan’s Hand will be an animated structure on the map, in which it can be seen in the above clip rising from Lava Cracks on the map, which will be part of the event. Allegedly, it will then be able to cause earthquakes on the island and even make the Battle Bus shake.

The hand can be seen holding an enormous chest or “Pandora Box” via several metal chains being wrapped around it. During the event, players who attend will then have to work together to break and release the chest to receive its rewards.

The files also allegedly mention: “Tempests, Tornados, Vortexes and Lava,” in which Tempests and Tornados were featured in previous seasons. This has caused many to suggest that Titan’s Hand will be able to spawn these during the event and that these could be brought back in Chapter 5 Season 2.

Potential cosmetics tease for Chapter 5 Season 2

As Season 2 rapidly approaches, teaser quality is ramping up. ShiinaBR shared two images of Greek-themed artwork, with fans thinking they point towards cosmetics, specifically skins in the upcoming battle pass.

Ranked rewards

HYPEX shared info on a potential Ranked reward for the upcoming season. If true, players would get the Odyssey skin with different armor colors that reflect what rank you are.


It has been leaked that Epic is working on three different weapons that are expected to join Fortnite next season. These includes a Tactical Shotgun, Sniper and DMR rifle, which we have provided a full guide on.

Weapon Mods

As well as a brand-new weapons and guns being worked on, dataminers have found ten different Weapon Mods and attachments that are coming to the game.

It is unknown whether any of the existing attachments will be vaulted in replace of the new ones, or they will just be expanded on.

Flying movement mechanic

Epic Games co-founder Mark Rein revealed his word for Season 2 of “Wings.” Which had leakers speculating that a previous leak from 2022 pointed towards players being able to fly winged creatures.

Days later, Epic posted to their socials hinting at a new movement mechanic is coming, which has players convinced that flying is indeed being added in some form.

Rumored leaks

According to HYPEX, a Fortnite playtester for Season 2 has revealed a whole heap of further details for what is coming. This includes major collaborations with the hit game Persona and that Kratos will be returning, but this time with Atreus.

Zeus and the different Greek gods, looks set to be a key part of the season, which would back up Epic’s first teaser images. In particular, the playtester revealed that there will be a Zeus Ability, with three stages, as well as being able to fly. It is unknown whether Zeus will be the only God with a playable ability.

Four brand-new Mythics are set to join the game, much like how four TMNT Mythic weapons shaked up the meta at the later stages of Season 1. These are expected to be for different gods, such as the Cerberus Shotgun and a Hades Mythic that is a chained whip with fire.

Finally, gods are also set to appear around the island as mini-bosses, which have mythological monsters as their henchmen.

As more leaks are discovered for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2’s Greek Mythology theme, we will update this further.

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