Fortnite Klombos spawn locations: Where to find the dinosaur in Chapter 3

Epic Games

The legendary Klombos dinosaurs have finally arrived in Fortnite Chapter 3, so we’ve put together a guide to finding their spawn locations – and what happens if you shoot them.

Fortnite Chapter 3’s first big update (19.10) has arrived, and it’s brought loads of new features to the game including the Grenade Launcher, another League of Legends skin, and of course the return of Tilted Towers.

But arguably the most exciting addition is the long-teased Klombo, a dinosaur-like wild animal that roams around the Island. As well as sneezing out useful items, players can also use its blowhole to launch into the air and glide.

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Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the legendary Klombos, including the best locations to find them, how to feed them Klomberries, and why you don’t want to make them angry.


Klombo spawn locations in Fortnite

Klombos are big creatures, so they can only spawn in large open areas on the Fortnite map. Two of the best locations to find a Klombo are northwest of the Daily Bugle or northwest of Tilted Towers.

We’ve marked these Klombo locations on the map below to make finding them a little easier.

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Klombo spawn locations marked on the Fortnite Chapter 3 mapEpic Games
These are two of the best places to find Klombos in Fortnite.

Like all wild animals in Fortnite, Klombos spawn at random on the map, so you’re not always guaranteed to find one. You’ll also rarely find them inside a POI or landmark, as there’s not enough room for them.

If you’re struggling to find a Klombo, our best advice is to find a vehicle and drive around the Island until you see one. As they’re new in Fortnite, there will be other players on the hunt, so bring some weapons.

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Can you tame or ride a Klombo in Fortnite?

While other animals in Fortnite can be tamed and used as sidekicks to help you eliminate opponents, you can’t tame or ride a Klombo, which is a shame as it looks like it would be a really great ally in battle.

You can, however, get some airtime using its blowhole. To do this, simply jump onto its tail and walk up its back. Stand on its head, and you’ll eventually be blown into the air, where you can then glide away.

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Klombos are docile creatures, meaning they won’t attack unless you do first.

Where to find Klomberries to feed a Klombo

A screenshot of a Klombo in Fortnite Chapter 3Epic Games
Klomberries are a Klombo’s favorite food.

Once you’ve found a Klombo, you’ll probably want to feed it a Klomberry – it’s the wild animal’s favorite food, and giving it one will cause it to sneeze out some useful items that will help you in battle.

Fortunately, Klomberries are relatively easy to find. Simply search the bushes in the surrounding area and you should come across a few. You can throw them at the Klombo or eat them yourself!

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Klombos will also eat other food, like meat from an eliminated wolf or boar, but that won’t get you the same rewards that a Klomberry will.

What happens if you try to eliminate a Klombo?

An angry Klombo on the attack in FortniteEpic Games
You won’t like Klombo when it’s angry.

The simple answer is: It will try to eliminate you back! If you (or another player) shoots or hits a Klombo with your pickaxe, it will turn red and stomp around, causing damage to anything in its path.

It will also shoot lava from its blowhole if you try and run away from it, so make sure you keep an eye on what’s happening if you’re making a quick escape from a rampaging Klombo.

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Right now, we’re not actually sure if you can even eliminate a Klombo, as we damaged one plenty of times and it didn’t seem weakened at all. It also doesn’t display a health bar when you shoot it.

That’s everything you need to know about Klombos! For more news, leaks, and guides, visit our Fortnite home page.