MW3 players demand nerfs to game’s most “busted” Sniper

John Esposito
MW3 Longbow

The Longbow sniper rifle is dominating MW3’s multiplayer lobbies, and players are calling for nerfs to the most “busted” sniper rifle.

Much like any other Call of Duty title, MW3 has faced its fair share of balancing issues. The early multiplayer days saw the MCW dominate the meta, although a handful of nerfs have “relatively” brought it back to Earth.

One frequent target of criticism has been the semi-auto Longbow Sniper Rifle due to its incredible fire rate and one-shot potential.

With player frustration reaching an all-time high, many are calling for nerfs to the “busted” Sniper Rifle.

MW3 players blast Longbow sniper

In a post shared to the MW3 subreddit, one MW3 player ripped into the Longbow sniper, citing the Longbow’s domination as worse than the Kar98’s reign of terror.

“I legit can’t compete against 3 guys on the other team using this busted gun vs myself. I just pray CoD blesses me every lobby to get a noob lobby because they’re the only players who don’t abuse this gun,” the player said.

As you can imagine, the opinion was quite popular amongst players, with others commenting on the gun’s popularity.

“Every time I play 10v10 there’s 3 dudes on the other team with longbows literally going 70-13 every single game,” one player said. Another commented: “The audacity to call that thing a ‘sniper’.”

Plenty of other posts flood the forums with similar pleas for nerfs or suggestions on how to bring the Longbow back to reality. One such example is players suggesting the developers remove the ability to change sights on the gun.

Funny enough, the Longbow conundrum is eerily similar to what Fortnite players experienced with Chapter 5’s arrival, as snipers dominated the meta due to the mod system.

Sledgehammer Games has proven it keeps its eyes on the community’s pulse, so perhaps future updates will introduce changes to the Longbow.

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