Fortnite players complain about snipers being “way too powerful” in Chapter 5

John Esposito
Fortnite players complain about snipers being "way too powerful" in Chapter 5

Fortnite players are not happy with how good snipers are in Chapter 5, making countless threads and videos voicing their frustrations.

Fortnite‘s Chapter 5, Season 1 has been live for a little a month, shattering records, introducing three new modes, and adding zany crossovers.

In the battle royale portion of the game, a new weapon mod system and movement mechanics headline the wave of new changes. Not every new feature has been well-received by players, such as the maligned Ballistic Shield.

That said, it’s the sniper rifles that have been an overwhelming topic of ire, with Fortnite players going mad at how good they’ve become.

Fortnite player voices widespread sniper outrage

To be fair, sniper rifles always present a balancing issue in gaming. Warzone is going through its fair share of issues, ironically, with sniper rifles being one of them.

This season of Fortnite seemingly has created a monster with sniper rifles for many reasons. The weapon mod system lets players deck out their snipers in the most unfair way possible by removing the scope, for example. 

They can also one-shot you, and while it’s technically “realistic,” blending realism into a video game is a fine line. If you play Zero Build, you may as well leave the lobby if you see a sniper. Check the game’s subreddit, and you’ll see numerous posts around sniper nerfs in Fortnite.

Fortnite player Micawavetv shared their Chapter 5 experience, and as expected, it’s a small sniping montage. The catch? It’s not their sniping, it’s the enemies sniping him.

“Sniping is too easy,” Micawavetv said, as he showed 90 seconds of himself getting headshot sniped or immediately downed.

In fairness, Micawave’s clips are him in the open challenging players, which plenty of the replies to his clip pointed out. On the other hand, he perfectly captures the issue with snipers in Fortnite’s Chapter 5, as snipers have become oppressive.

One comment pointed out another alarming issue that’s gone under the radar: “If you are getting absolutely beamed, there should be an aim penalty.” This season seems to have missed the mark on suppression mechanics entirely.

It’ll be interesting to see how Epic Games handles the sniper conundrum in Fortnite. Be sure to stick with Dexerto for any changes that may come in the future.