Fortnite x Metallica: Everything we know

Josh Taylor
Fortnite Metallica collab live event

Here is everything we know about the Metallica live event concert and collab that is expected to be released in Fortnite during June as part of Chapter 5, Season 3.

The Fortnite Metallica collaboration first came to light when players lost their minds over the entire Fortnite 2024 Roadmap being leaked, which has all held true so far. This stated that the iconic metal band would be joining as one of many collaborations this year and would arrive in the middle of June.

Epic has since officially teased the collab is coming following a series of posts from their various Twitter/X accounts. Furthermore, as the expected release date has become closer, various trusted leakers have revealed more details about what players can expect from the Metallica live event and collab.

Epic officially teases Metallica collab

On June 10, the Rocket Racing account started by mysteriously posting the words “Exit light.” Despite fans being confused at first, they then after a few minutes replied with more responses from each of their five accounts for their different game modes.

It quickly became apparent they were together constructing the famous lyrics from Metallica’s hit song Enter Sandman. It ended with Fortnite’s main account all but confirming the collab by stating: “We’re off to never-never land.”

Fortnite Metallica live event

ShiinaBR revealed that Fortnite will kick off the collab and Fortnite Festival Season 4 with a Metallica concert in the Battle Royale mode for players to enjoy. This was after a text file titled: “Used in CH5S3 Metallica Concert” was discovered in the game files.

The band is set to perform on June 13 to mark the launch of Fortnite Festival Season 4. NotPaloleaks has stated that the event will be called “Fuel, Fire, Fury” and will include six “fan-favorite” songs.

Fortnite Festival Season 4

Epic has confirmed that Fortnite Festival Season 3 will end on June 13. The season featured Billie Eilish as the headliner. Metallica is, therefore, believed to be taking over as the star of the show for Season 4. According to the Roadmap, the season will last for two months and end in August.

Jorge_Most has leaked an email allegedly from Epic, which provides more details about the collaboration and the band’s involvement in headlining Fortnite Festival Season 4.

They stated: “Get ready for the battle with Metallica in season 4! Upload the volume to the maximum with the new Festival Pass and unlock rewards!”

Players will, therefore, be able to complete the Free and Premium Reward Tracks as usual. The Premium option is expected to feature Metallica-themed rewards and a feature skin for completing the whole Festival Pass in Season 4, as seen in all previous seasons.

James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert Metallica skins

According to NotPaloleaks, every Metallica band member will receive their own skins and cosmetics as part of the collaboration. These will be available to players during Chapter 5, Season 3 in the Item Shop.

Epic allegedly stated in the leaked email: “Leave your rivals deaf! James, Lars, Kirk, and Robert from Metallica, the masters of puppets by excellency, are here to hit hard. Available in the Item Shop!”

It is unknown what these will include besides the skins, but they are expected to include each band member’s Instruments, Metallica Jam Tracks, and more.

Metallica Metal Lightning Guitar Mythic

Dataminers have revealed that Metallica will receive their own Mythic in the Battle Royale mode. It will allegedly be called the “Metal Lightning Guitar.”

However, other than the name, found in the game files, no other details have been given about what to expect from the Mythic.

Metallica’s Loot Island POI

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 map
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 added the Wasteland biome and POIs to the island map.

A brand-new Metallica location is set to launch onto the Chapter 5 Season 3 map titled: “Metallica’s Loot Island.” As the name suggests, it will be centered around various loot for players to get their hands on.

The leaked email stated: “Are you all set to ride in the metal beam? Dazzle your opponents with the lightning guitars metalhead, release loot in Metallica’s Loot Island, and complete missions of Metallica to unlock rewards!”

This suggests that players can get their hands on the Metal Lightning Guitar Mythic exclusively from this location. This would follow the pattern of previous seasons in Chapter 5 with the Greek god and Avatar Bending Mythics.

With the south of the map already being taken over by the Wrecked Wasteland in Season 3, we would expect the Loot Island to be located towards the middle to the top side of the Battle Royale island and potentially replace an existing POI.

Rocket Racing

Rocket Racing Promo Art
Metallica is set to receive its own Thrash Mountain track and Thrash Mountain Car.

Rocket Racing is set to receive its own “Thrash Mountain” Metallica-themed racing track, the “Thrash Mountain Car,” and several rewards for players to get their hands on.

The leaked email stated for Rocket Racing: “Step on the gas pedal to the tune of Fuel from Metallica. Drive at full speed to the rhythm of this great group in the Circuit of Thrash Mountain! This new Circuit brings new challenges and rewards so that you can compete with style.”

NotPaloLeaks further revealed the “Thrash Mountain Car” would also be joining, but it is not yet known whether this will be a skin that can be used in Rocket Racing and Battle Royale as normal or if it will also be an actual new vehicle.

With the Wrecked season centered around Nitro-fueled cars and Mythic Nitro cars, we could see it joining as its own unique car to traverse the Battle Royale map.

Either way, the Metallica collab is set to become one of many major collabs in Fortnite, following on from Fallout, which has already kicked off Chapter 5 Season 3 in a huge way.

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