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Fortnite Festival battle passFortnite

Fortnite Festival has finally arrived and with it comes a whole new battle pass for players to unlock with guitars, drums, and more.

Fortnite Festival was released on December 9, part of the three-part update Epic Games announced following the Big Bang Event. The Guitar-Hero-like gameplay has been a hit with fans and has maintained 200,000+ concurrent players since its release. 

The new mode allows players to play one of four positions during the set. This includes vocals, guitar, drums, and bass or keyboard. Each instrument has a different level of playtime within a given song. One song may be heavy vocals, while the other may be mostly drums. 

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These instruments are also customizable with different skins, like everything else in Fortnite. Another thing that can be added is the ability to purchase songs from the shop to add to what you can and can’t play. All of which can be unlocked through the new battle pass. 

Fortnite Festival battle pass features The Weeknd 

The Fortnite Festival battle pass features one of the many celebrity artists the game has collaborated with. The Weeknd has his own Fortnite skin in the battle pass, along with a themed guitar, bass, microphone, and keyboard that can be unlocked. 

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There are two versions of the battle pass; a free version and a paid version are available. Both have 11 tiers that can be unlocked through playing sets and earning Festival Points. 

The free version of the battle pass gives the player loading screens, emotes, a Peely guitar, and more. However, for The Weeknd-themed items, players must pay the staggering 1800 vbucks. 

Fortnite Festival will have more seasons with different battle passes in the future. The current pass finishes on February 22. 

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