How to play Battle Stage mode in Fortnite Festival Season 4

Shane Black
Fortnite Battle Stage

Metallica has come to Fortnite, along with new additions across every mode in the game, including the new Battle Stage mode for Festival.

Battle Stage pits players against each other in a battle of the bands kind of scenario, where they can shred through various songs until they are the last ones standing. It aims to bring Fortnite’s battle royale style to the instrumental mode.

We have broken down Fortnite‘s Battle Stage mode, explaining how it works and what you need to do to come out on top.

How to play Battle Stage mode

Fortnite Battle Stage

Starting the mode is easy enough, just scroll down your home page until you see the Battle Stage option and select it. You can then enter into a match.

The mode will challenge you to play a song versus 15 other players. As you play, you will accumulate points and your score will determine if you progress to the next round. In each round, four players will be eliminated at the end, meaning an entire match will last four rounds in total.

The actual gameplay of Battle Stage works in the same way it does in Festival, where you need to press specific buttons on your controller or keyboard in rhythm with the song.

Each player will be given the same song to play, but each person can choose their difficulty and band role. The higher the difficulty, the better the score you can earn.

As you play a round, you will be able to attack other players with moves ranging from slowing down their scoring to breaking their streaks. It’s similar to using Overdrive in the standard Fortnite Festival mode.

Leading a successful attack on an opponent will earn you bonus points during the round, as well.

You can also host private lobbies of Battle Stage, where you can have a party of up to four compete through setlists that you can create.

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