Fortnite leaks reveal first look at new non-combat map

Daniel Cleary

Fortnite data miners have revealed the first look at a brand new non-combat map for the upcoming “Party Royale” playlist following the April 29 update.

After Epic Games announced that they would be introducing brand new modes to Fortnite following the v12.50 update, such as Party Royale and Operation: Payload, fans were eager to experience the new playlists.

It was revealed that Party Royale would let players take a break from chasing the elusive Victory Royale screen in a non-combat map that has been specifically designed for the new mode.

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Fortnite leaker Hypex revealed that, among many other upcoming changes, the Party Royale playlist will be going live on Friday at 6pm PT / 9pm EST/ 2am BST, for Epic Games to run some tests on the new mode.

Hypex also revealed that Epic would be treating the Party Royale mode as a “new experimental and evolving space,” suggesting that it might be around for quite a while unlike many of the previous modes that were added to Fortnite.

Epic shared that Party Royale would be a non-combat island, with plans to instruct players to ‘leave your weapons and mats behind’, allowing them instead to hang out with friends, practice their skydiving abilities, and more.

While it is unclear what exactly will be in store for players when they drop in, Fortnite leaker FortTory shared an image of the Party Royale Island map giving more clues around what to expect.

One of the most highlighted aspects of the mini-map is the small icons scattered across the island, which many fans have suggested are minigames that players would be able to take part in.

A map for the upcoming Party Royale mode in Fortnite.

The icons suggest that fans will possibly get to partake in some unique courses and games such as races, gliding challenges, and even a soccer match after queuing up for the new playlist.

Party Royale is not the only new playlist that Epic plan on releasing, as Operation: Payload, which is seemingly inspired by Overwatch, is also scheduled to be coming soon to Fortnite.