New Fortnite leaks reveal in-game posters that tease Season 3

Brad Norton

Fortnite’s Season 3 update is right around the corner and new leaks in the game’s v12.50 update appear to confirm an underwater journey is on its way.

Epic Games has treated players to a wide variety of climates over the years, and now, it looks like the heat will be turning up a notch in Season 3.

After weeks of speculation, and even an underwater mechanic in the recent Astronomical event, new leaks seem to have confirmed the focus of the upcoming season.

Epic Games already released a variety of skins that would be perfect for underwater exploration.

New Fortnite Season 3 leaked posters.

Digging through the files of the latest patch, prominent Fortnite data-miner ‘FortTory’ uncovered three new files that tease what lies ahead.

Labeled in the game’s code as “S13_Poster_Teasers,” the leaks reveal a summer-themed season as players get ready for a beach-bash.

The first image shows Meowscles in waist-deep water with inflatable armbands covering each bicep. Meanwhile, the second leaked poster shows an entire house floating. Sea levels clearly having risen above the fence in the front yard.

Bananas are friends, not food.

The last of the leaked posters depicts the Peely skin in a spot of bother. Harkening back to the 1975 Jaws movie poster, the banana-skin is seen floating over an enormous shark.

There’s no telling just from this image alone if sharks will be added in the Season 3 update in some capacity. Though it would certainly fit the ocean-theme.

All three posters include the same icon in the bottom left corner. A small, circular emblem containing an umbrella that appears to be on fire due to the heat.

Fortnite’s swimming mechanics could be getting an overhaul in the next major update.

With motorboats already in the game, perhaps the Season 3 update will introduce a number of new water-based vehicles. From Jet skis to submarines, new vehicle opportunities are endless.

After a recent delay, we now know exactly when Season 2 is set to end and when we can drop into the next major update.