All leaked skins and cosmetics from Fortnite v12.50 update

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Fortnite’s v12.50 update is starting to prep for the season changeover in just a matter of weeks. With new characters and skins being introduced patch-by-patch, more clues are being strung out before the major event.

Fortnite’s latest update is expected to contain some much needed bug fixes, and even a new LTM on the way.

However, it wouldn’t be a patch without some new cosmetics to adorn. There’s plenty of new skins, gliders, and more to pick up, and some of them might even add to the Season 2 storyline as it reaches its climax.

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Fortnite v12.50 leaked skins

The new skins added to Fortnite in v12.50 look to start spelling the next chapter of the Spy event players have been following in game for months. Players have gotten their first look at Hugo, who could possibly be the spy everyone has been talking about, in this patch.

The suave gentleman rocks a goatee and a yellow and black shirt. Specializing in “style, stealth, and unpredictability,” he could be the final piece in the Agency puzzle before things start going haywire.

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Outside of Hugo, there’s six other skins. The Goldie, Yellowjacket, and Sig skins could also be playing a part in the storyline.

The new Vix, Envision, and Nightlife skins will definitely add some color to your game, with psychedelic patterns galore. Finally, the Wild Gunner could be the sidekick to Travis Scott if he tried hard enough.

There’s also a bunch of new styles coming for skins like Oro, Bandolier, and Longshot.

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Fortnite v12.50 leaked pickaxes and gliders

Five pickaxes and one glider will be arriving to accompany the various new skins being added in the v12.50 update.

For those looking to pick up Yellowjacket, the Stealth Stinger and Venom Blade are the final touches to her set. Much as the skin name suggests, her glider and pickaxe are also very yellow.

Hugo will get a set of Butterfly Knives as his pickaxe, while Sig will partner up with the Agile Edge. Purr Axes match perfectly with the Vix skins, while finally, The Goldie will be taking names with his Double Gold baseball bats.

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Fortnite v.12.50 leaked wraps

Take your pick of red, blue, green, or black with the four wraps added in the v12.50 update. The Burning Glow, Glitter Blaster, Neon Pulse and Moo wraps aren’t part of any set specifically, and will be made available some time after downtime ends.

The Glitter Blaster features a rainbow fade near the barrel, while the Neon Pulse has fluro green outlines on all the edges of the weapon you are wielding.

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The Moo skin is, well, patterned like a cow. Finally, the Burning Glow falls somewhere between a lava lamp and an inferno, with red gradients flowing across the wrap.

On top of the cosmetics listed above, about half a dozen backblings and new emotes were added ⁠— some tied to the new skins, some not.

If you want to get your hands on some of these items, keep an eye out in your Daily Shop over the next couple of weeks.

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