Fortnite leak reveals new Overwatch-style “Uranium” LTM coming soon

Isaac McIntyre

Fortnite has become notorious for copying popular features and modes from rival titles like Apex Legends — now it looks like Overwatch is getting the same treatment, with new leaks revealing a ‘Payload’ LTM is on its way.

Epic has become famous for introducing every manner of LTM they can dream up to their battle royale. While it’s doubtful Fortnite devs have run out of ideas, though, it does seem like their latest has been… borrowed from a competitor.

New datamined leaks seem to point towards another limited-time mode hitting servers very soon. This time, it will be titled “Uranium,” and seems to draw directly on Overwatch’s iconic main mode ⁠— a push-the-payload challenge.

Fortnite may have just nicked Overwatch's iconic payload game mode for its latest LTM.
Fortnite may have just nicked Overwatch’s iconic payload game mode for its latest LTM.

Fortnite’s new “Uranium” LTM copies Overwatch game mode

This new Overwatch-style LTM is expected to land later this week, in the middle of the new v12.50 update, and tasks players with either escorting, or attempting to stop, a big payload.  

Fortnite data miner FortTory uncovered an image of the aforementioned payload ⁠— it looks simple in design, but for four big red magnets instead of wheels. The leaker also revealed the LTM’s objective details:

“Switch roles and choose Tech each round to Escort or Stop the payload. Gain Intel at the end of each round. When Escorting, deliver the payload to its destination! When Defending, stop the payload! Run out the clock to win!”

Fellow Fortnite data miner HYPEX also revealed they had been sent an official email from Epic ahead of the patch downtime that mentioned “Operation: Payload.” It suggested the LTM would be part of the ongoing spy wars.

It read: “A new spy mode debuts… use your current spy tech, as well as new tech in this release, to defend/escort the payload against the other team which tries to stop you ⁠— then switch sides. The mode takes you to different parts of the island.”

There can be no denying the new Uranium LTM sounds exactly like Overwatch’s signature escort mode, with Fortnite’s spy-spin spiced into the mix. Epic has had strong success copying rival games, however, so this will likely be no different.

The new Overwatch-style game mode wasn’t the only new information uncovered post-12.50 either. Season 3’s first teasers are expected to appear soon. Players can also expect to see a host of new cosmetics to land throughout the patch.