Respawn dev pokes fun at Fortnite taking another Apex Legends idea

Daniel Cleary

Respawn animator Moy Parra took a cheeky jab at rival game Fortnite for copying Apex Legends again after a new Fornite skin set is released.

Since the release of Apex Legends in February 2019, Respawn has received a lot of credit for introducing many unique features into their battle royale title.

Epic Games, who have also introduced unique features of their own such as the building mechanic, seem to have been inspired by many of the moves Respawn has been making in the genre.

Epic Games have apparently been inspired by Crypto from Apex Legends.

Many players highlighted Fortnite’s Season 2 update, which featured Loot Vaults, closely resembling the same concept as those in Apex Legends. And no one can ignore the ‘ping’ callouts and respawn beacons/vans, which Apex also did first.

Then, after Fortnite revealed a new addition to their item shop on February 30, even Senior Animator at Respawn, Moy Parra, poked fun at their rival game.

The new skin set released by Epic Games, which was even brazenly titled “Crypto Collective Set,” looked quite familiar to fan-favorite Apex Legends character Crypto.

The new skin set even seemed to match the colorway of the popular legend, with similar shades of green and black on Epic Games’ new cosmetic pack.

“I feel like I’ve heard of this guy before but I can’t quite place it,” Moy expressed, mocking how blatant it looked to fans of the two battle royale titles.

And this wasn’t the only skin either, as some players pointed out a similarity between Fortnite’s ‘Caution’ skin and Apex Legends’ ‘Caustic’ character.

Epic Games has not been shy about adapting what has inspired them in the past, as was seen with many of the trending dances that made their way into the game as emotes.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to ignore all of the great innovation which Fortnite also brought to battle royale genre, and gaming in general. One could easily point to the battle pass system as one shining example.

However, the Fortnite developers seem happy to take inspiration directly from their rival titles, even if they do receive some backlash over some of their new features’ similarities.

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