Fortnite players baffled by censorship of Eminem songs in-game

Brianna Reeves
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Fortnite players call out censorship of Eminem songs on the in-game radio, specifically for “butchering” the rapper’s lyrics.

Eminem will officially make his Fortnite debut on Wednesday, November 29, with a skin that sports three of the hip-hop artist’s iconic looks.

The rapper’s also set to head up Fortnite Big Bang, a live event marking the end of Season OG on Tuesday, December 2. In celebrating the upcoming crossover, it seems Epic has reinstated some Eminem tracks to the in-game Icon Radio catalog.

To the chagrin of players, though, Em’s bars are heavily censored, some to a hilarious degree.

Fortnite fans wish radio censorship was an option for Eminem songs

Fortnite-centric Twitter/X account iFireMonkey pointed out that Em’s return to the in-game radio involves lots of censorship. The users shared a short clip wherein Eminem’s ‘Godzilla’ song featuring Juice WRLD plays in the background.

Of course, some of the rapper’s more colorful language had to be nixed. Thus, a lyric like “Motherf*****n’ finger…” comes out as “finger, finger.”

But the real problem arises with the “prostate exam” lyric that follows the aforementioned line. Apparently, the word “prostate” isn’t allowed on Fortnite radio stations. So this bit of ‘Godzilla’ in Fortnite sounds like, “finger, finger… exam (exam).”

Suffice it to say, Fortnite players are getting a kick out of Fortnite’s need to censor Eminem songs. Yet, many mention in response to the above post that it’d be nice if Epic gave players an option.

“They gotta make censorship optional,” reads one comment. “NAH THEY BUTCHERED THE SONG (I understand it’s necessary for lil Timmy but please make censoring optional),” someone else wrote.

Another person argued that only accounts for underage users should be restricted in this manner. “Just like the cosmetics, music censoring should only be for underage accounts.”

While the latter suggestion sounds promising, things could get tricky with respect to previously established game rating parameters. Fortnite players looking to get their Slim Shady fix in-game may want to look up the actual tracks on their own time.

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