KSI debuts new song Gang Gang on Fortnite Radio

Daniel Megarry

YouTube star and rapper KSI has debuted an unreleased song from his new album All Over The Place on Fortnite Radio, meaning gamers can get an early listen to Gang Gang.

He may have got his start as a YouTuber and influencer, but KSI is currently making waves on the music scene, already scoring an incredible 12 top 40 hits on the UK charts and launching his own record label called The Online Takeover.

So naturally, anticipation for his next album, All Over the Place, is sky-high. Well, fans eager to hear more are in luck, as ahead of its release on July 16, KSI has debuted an unreleased track from the record on Fortnite Radio.

KSI revealed the news in a tweet on June 27, where he also shared a 19-second clip of the track in question. He didn’t confirm which song it is, but based on the lyrics it’s most likely Gang Gang, which features UK rappers Jay1 and Deno.

What Fortnite Radio station is KSI’s song on?

KSI fans looking to hear the new track before the rest of the world will be able to do so by tuning into Fortnite Radio, the in-game music service that features multiple stations with loads of hit songs.

Gang Gang is currently playing on Beatbox Radio in the game. In order to hear it, players simply need to get into a car, cycle through the radio stations, and then wait on Beatbox Radio until the song plays.

The collaboration isn’t that unexpected, as KSI has been known to play Fortnite in the past.

Fortnite Season 7 loading screen
KSI has a new song called Gang Gang in Fortnite.

Now, after debuting his new track in the game, fans have been wondering if KSI and Fortnite have more planned – perhaps a skin? Or maybe even a live concert like Travis Scott and Marshmello have done?

KSI has already expressed his interest in doing a virtual Fortnite show, previously telling Epic Games: “If you need someone to perform, I’m out here.”

We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a virtual KSI concert!

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