Fortnite pro ZexRow banned on Twitch for “self-harm” for drinking Monster

Albert Petrosyan
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UPDATE 4:25PM PST January 11: ZexRow has now been unbanned on Twitch after being suspended for just over three days. He was originally handed a seven day ban, so it seems as though his appeal proved successful and got it lifted early.


Team SoloMid Fortnite pro player Anthony ‘ZexRow’ Colandro’s Twitch account has been suspended after he pretended to drink copious amounts of Monster Energy cans, actually filled with water.

When it comes to the current world of Fortnite esports, few are more prominent than ZexRow, who has proven himself to be one of the world’s best players signing with TSM back in December of 2018.

His massive growth in 2019 led to major success in content creation as well. As of January 8, he’s accumulated nearly 200,000 followers on Twitch, over 45,600 subscribers on YouTube, and over 140,000 followers on Twitter.

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However, on January 8, he became privy to the unfortunate news that he had been suspended on Twitch, which drew a stunned reaction from both him and many of his fans.

“Damn, I knew 2020 was going to be interesting but not this interesting to where I get banned on Twitch,” he tweeted.

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Why was ZexRow banned on Twitch?

Shortly after his account was suspended, Dexerto reached out to ZexRow inquiring about the nature of his ban, and what the reason was behind it.

The TSM star revealed that it all stemmed from him drinking an excessive amount of Monster Energy Drink on stream: “I drank 2 Monsters on stream and asked if I should drink another and everyone say yes, but I knew it was bad for you so instead I filled the cans with water and then kept drinking them with water.”

He then pretended to drink more Monster beverages, which were actually emptied cans filled with water, but all of that liquid ended up causing him to be ill and vomit.

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“I got banned for ‘self-harm’ because you can die from drinking that many Monsters,” he said. “My friend was in the background exaggerating to make the joke more apparent.

The TSM star also revealed that the suspension is currently set for seven days, but he has filed an appeal so it may be shortened or completely rescinded.

“It’s a seven-day suspension,” he wrote. “They [Twitch] didn’t know there was water in them, so my appeal might go through.”

While this is obviously an inconvenience for ZexRow, it’s not exactly the end of the world, especially after the major success he enjoyed in 2019 as one of Fortnite’s true superstars.

He started the year off by placing third at the IEM Katowice Royale 2019 in Poland, then followed that up by qualifying for and placing ninth at the World Cup Duos Finals, both with his TSM duo Vinny1x.

The streamer was on the squad that placed first in the NA East region of the Fortnite Champion Series for Season X, and nearly won back-to-back FNCS after placing second in the Chapter 2: Season 1 Grand Finals.

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