Mongraal and BenjyFishy explain why it’s “easy” to become a Fortnite pro

FaZe Clan / Epic Games

FaZe Clan member Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson and NRG star Benjy ‘BenjyFishy’ Fish revealed why they think it’s easy to become a professional Fortnite player compared to other top esports.

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world, so it’s no surprise that players across the globe dream of making it as a professional player. Those who compete at the highest level can earn millions, like Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf who won $3 million at the World Cup.

For many, the road to professional play is seemingly impossible, but as competitors who have reached the top of the mountain, Mongraal, BenjyFishy and Martin ‘MrSavage’ Anderson, think it’s easy to make it as a pro.

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YouTube: mongraalThe FaZe member thinks it’s not hard to become a pro player.

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While streaming on January 6, Mongraal, along with his peers, started discussing Fortnite as an esport, and why it’s easier to make it as a pro in it compared to a title like CS:GO.

“You don’t need to play scrims to be good,” he said. “Fortnite’s so weird, it’s just unexplainable. In CS:GO, you have to scrim 16 hours a day with your god squad, and you have to have mental coaches.”

“It’s the most unprofessional esport ever,” MrSavage said in response. “You can have the worst sleeping schedule, the worst health, and you don’t even have to practice that much if you just practice your mechanics.”

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BenjyFishy agreed, stating: “I swear it’s so easy to go from being a casual to a pro. Or not a casual, but you can improve so much. I’m not even trolling.”

While many likely believe that becoming a pro player is impossible, three of the most recognizable names in Fortnite believe it is as simple as practicing your mechanics, and feel like the transition from casual gamer to professional isn’t a particularly difficult one in Fortnite.

All three have competed at the top of Fortnite for some time, with Mongraal finishing in 13th place at the Fortnite World Cup, BenjyFishy in 25th, and MrSavage in 29th when they competed in the solos portion of the massive esports tournament.

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