Up-and-coming Fortnite pros claim FNCS Season 1 glory – Final Placements

Connor Bennett
Epic Games

Some of the top Fortnite squads from around the world competed for a slice of the huge FNCS Grand Finals prize pool as they tried to claim the first piece of glory in Chapter 2.

The Fortnite Championship Series started back in Season 10, giving some of the best battle royale players in the world the chance to claim some big slices of cash through online play.

The one change to the mix though, is that unlike the Fortnite World Cup or other events, the set discipline has changed. We saw trios in Season 10, but the first event of Chapter 2 was for the squads – with the top 24 squads from NA East, NA West, Europe, Brazil, OCE, Middle East, and Asia fighting for bragging rights in their respective regions.

Epic GamesSquads of Fortnite players competed in their respective regions for cash and bragging rights.

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FNCS Squads Grand Finals results 

It was no surprise then, that the culmination to the weeks of qualifying ended up with some high-level action in the final matches that spanned across December 7 and December 8.

While thousands of fans tuned in to support their favorite teams and players in the high pressure deciding games, the eventual winners of each region may not have been the big names that many may have been expecting.

The full list of winners, broken down into each region, are as follows:

  • NA East champions: Avery ψ, Stable Ronaldo, UnknownxArmy1x, Vanguard KEZ
  • NA West champions: Sogys TV, 100T Kyzui, Dоmо., VICARΟS
  • Europe champions: RedRush., drobbаn, znaррy, wakiе
  • Brazil champions: G.V shecoboy-ᴄʀ-, SNG Lasers, SNG Igo, psychøǃ
  • Asia champions: T1 Hood.J, T1 Peterpan, DWG Ming, Comes And Goes
  • Oceania champions: x2dumptruck, x2Twinѕ Jesse, mrvolx1, Ghеez
  • Middle East champions: Ѕanе, AEGO NOMFU 777, рancаke, ALTEREGO MEV 777

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With the focus being on the eventual winners from each region, fans may have missed out the exact placements of some of the biggest names. For starters, in the NA East region, Tfue and Cloakzy managed to pip Ninja to 7th place, with the Mixer streamer coming in 8th, while the popular Team Liquid foursome came 6th.

Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha saw his squad only manage to muster a 21st placed finish – leaving them near the bottom of the pile.

In Europe, Mongraal and Benjyfishy’s team were denied glory as they finished 2nd. Nyhrox, one half of the World Cup-winning duo, managed to finish in 16th place as he linked up with some new teammates.

Epic Games
Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha couldn’t replicate his success in the FNCS squads event.

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Seeing as the FNCS squads event has concluded, the focus of the competitive scene will now switch to the upcoming Winter Royale – which has a $15 million prize pool.

The event will have three separate tournaments, each with different scoring and a $5 million prize pool. It’ll run from December 20-22, meaning players have got some time to make decisions on their partners and take a shot at winning some cash.

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