Nyhrox and Aqua win Duos tournament at $30 million Fortnite World Cup – recap, highlights, final placements

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The Duos half of the $30 million Fortnite World Cup has come to a close on July 27, with Cooler Esport’s Nyhrox and Aqua clinching first place and taking home a whopping $3 million.

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After five weeks of grueling qualifiers, the duos that managed to qualify for the World Cup Finals gathered at the iconic Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City to battle out for a share of the $15 million prize pool.

Aqua and Nyhrox finished on top with 51 points, followed by Lazarus Esports’ Rojo and Wolfiez in second place with 47 points, and the top-three was rounded off by 100 Thieves’ Elevate and Ceice, who finished with 45 points. 

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The format of the competition was simple – there were six total matches played, with the duos earning points each round based on both eliminations and placement.

Below, you can find recaps and highlights for each of the six games, as well as the final placements and the amount of prize money that each duo won. 

Epic GamesFormat and scoring for the Duos half of the Fortnite World Cup.
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Game 1 – Tournament favorites start off hot

Coming into the event, NRG Esports’ Zayt and Ghost Gaming’s Saf were considered to be among the favorites to win the Duos tournament, and they started their run with a bang.

Five eliminations and a Victory Royale in game one gave the powerhouse pair a 15 point haul to start things off.

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Game 2 – TSM make a strong push

The second match saw TSM’s Vinny and Zexrow grab the Victory Royale and seven eliminations, adding 17 points to their tally for the tournament and pushing them up to third place.

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First place was still controlled by Saf and Zayt, followed by FaZe Clan’s Megga and Dubs, who finished fourth and 10th over the first two matches, 

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Game 3 – Underdog duo clutches up

Match three saw one of the lesser talked about duos in compLexity Gaming’s Machwood and free agent Calculator take the surprising Victory Royale, along with a whopping nine eliminations between them.

The 19 point haul was good enough to propel them all the way to sixth, with the duos of Saf/Zayt, Megga/Dubs, and Zexrow/Vinny still in firm control of the top three. 

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Game 4 – Things start to get interesting

The fourth match saw the eventual champions Nyhrox and Aqua enter the spotlight for the first time, as they took the Victory Royale to become the first European-based duo to finish a game as the last ones standing.

While the top-three spots remained unchanged from the previous match, the powerhouse duo of Mongraal and Mitr0 crept into the fourth spot for the first time. 

Game 5 – Cooler Esport duos go back-to-back

Fresh off their win in game four, Nyhrox and Aqua grabbed a second straight Victory Royale in game five, to go along with their seven eliminations for a total of 17 points.

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The back-to-back 17 point showings saw the EU duo push all the way to second place going into the final match, just three points behind the first-place combo of Saf and Zayt.

Game 6 – Another win for Cooler Esports

In a dominant second half that not many would have predicted, the European organization Cooler Esport claimed victory in the final three matches of the Duo competition.

This time, it was the pair of 4zr and Noward that took the Victory Royale, to go along with their three eliminations. With so many of the top players going down early in this match, Nyhrox and Aqua did just enough to clinch the tournament victory. 

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Fortnite World Cup Duos final placements

With the six matches done and dusted, here are the final placements for the $15 million Duos tournament at the Fortnite World Cup finals, including the share of the prize pool that each pair of players received.

Place Team Points Prize Money
1st Nyhrox & aqua 51 $3,000,000
2nd Rojo & Wolfiez 47 $2.250.000
3rd Elevate & Ceice 45 $1,800,000
4th Saf & Zayt 44 $1,500,000
5th Arkhram1x & Falconer 44 $900,000
6th Mongraal & Mitr0 40 $450,000
7th Megga & Dubs 38 $375,000
8th Derox & itemm 36 $375,000
9th Zexrow & Vinny1x 35 $225,000
10th Vato & Skite 31 $225,000
11th Deadra & M11Z 30 $100,000
12th EpikWhale & storm 29 $100,000
13th Noward & 4zr 27 $100,000
14th benjyfishy & MrSavage 27 $100,000
15th Keys & Slackes 27 $100,000
16th MackWood & Calculator 26 $100,000
17th Spades & Crimz 26 $100,000
18th hype & Serpennt 26 $100,000
19th BadSniper & Oslo 24 $100,000
20th Scarlet & Bell 24 $100,000
21st Th0masHD & Klusia 24 $100,000
22nd Chapix & Crue 24 $100,000
23rd Kinstaar & Hunter 23 $100,000
24th znappy & RedRush 23 $100,000
25th Tschinken & stompy 22 $100,000
26th Tuckz & Vorwenn 22 $100,000
27th KBB & YuWang 18 $100,000
28th ronaldo & XXiF 17 $100,000
29th Nikof & Airwaks 15 $100,000
30th Lanjok & Punisher 15 $100,000
31st Nate Hill & Funk 14 $100,000
32nd letw1k3 & fwexy 12 $100,000
33rd JAMSIDE & 7ssk7 11 $100,000
34th Tetchra & Eclipsae 11 $100,000
35th Sceptic & Clix 11 $100,000
36th CizLucky & Brush 11 $100,000
37th Aydan & Sean 10 $100,000
38th little & jay 9 $100,000
39th KING & xown 9 $100,000
40th parpy & volx 9 $100,000
41st Leno & Barl 9 $100,000
42nd Ming & Puzz 8 $100,000
43rd LeNain & Tyler15 8 $100,000
44th Quinten & Lnuef 6 $100,000
45th Skram & Mexe 5 $100,000
46th RoAtDW & BlooTea 4 $100,000
47th pfzin & Nicks 4 $100,000
48th wisheydp & GusTavox8 3 $100,000
49th xMende & XXM 2 $100,000
50th CoverH & Twizz 2 $100,000
Epic GamesFinal standings of the top-10 from the Fortnite World Cup Duos tournament.

Fortnite World Cup – recaps for all events

Remember, the Duos tournament was not the only competition held at the World Cup, with there also being the Creative Finals and the Celebrity Pro-Am, recaps for which can be found in the links

This article was updated at 5:08 AM EST on Monday, July 29.

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