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Epic Games adjust spawn rate of Cube Monsters in Fortnitemares playlists

Published: 26/Oct/2018 19:43 Updated: 27/Oct/2018 4:56

by Wyatt Donigan


Following the release of the Fortnitemares event on October 24, Epic Games have made some adjustment to the mode.

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While many were looking forward to the event after Epic teased it for days ahead of the event’s start date, some in the community weren’t happy with how the Cube Monsters affected the game.

Epic has once again shown their willingness to listen to feedback from players and have completed a change to how often Cube Monsters spawn in the late game of matches.

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Cube Monsters were one of the major editions to the game with October 24’s V6.20 update. They spawn from Large Cube Fragments that are found near corrupted areas and are also found at Small Cube Fragments that randomly spawn throughout the game.


It’s these Small Cube Fragments that were of issue for most players as the heavy presence of Cube Monsters in the final, smaller circles, which has now led to Epic Games drastically reducing the spawn rates of Cube Monsters after the first circle.

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To reduce the amount of Cube Monsters in the late game, we’ve lowered the number of dynamic spawners in the Fortnitemares playlists

-Phase 1: from 85 to 85 (unchanged)

-Phase 2: from 40 to 25

-Phase 3: from 30 to 15

-Phase 4: from 10 to 7

-Phase 5: from 10 to 5

-Phase 6: from 10 to 5

-Phase 7: from 5 to 3

-Phase 8: from 5 to 3

-Phase 9: from 5 to 3

Drop in and earn yourself a Victory Royale!

While the first circle remains unchanged, the final ones have all seen their Cube Monster spawn rate dropped by anywhere from 30% to 50%.

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This isn’t the only change that Epic has implemented in the last 24 hours as they not only disabled Cube Monsters and other items at the TwitchCon Fall Skirmish event this weekend but also added a new prize incentive to the same tournament. 


Fortnitemares runs until November 26 and brings new skins and other cosmetics for players to chase. Part 2 of the Fortnitemares challenges were revealed on October 26 and tasks players with destroying ghost locations across the map.