Egg-eating Final Fantasy 14 streamer just had the weirdest Twitch subathon yet

Egg-eating Final Fantasy 14 streamer just had the weirdest Twitch subathon yetYouTube: RubberRoss

A dedicated Twitch streamer named RubberNinja had the weirdest subathon yet after eating 147,000 eggs in Final Fantasy 14 , which ended up taking him seven grueling days to complete.

It took him an entire week and an unyielding amount of determination and will, but Final Fantasy 14 streamer Ross O’Donovan, also known as RubberNinja, concluded what has been the most bizarre subathon on Twitch.

After making a name for himself for eating 999 eggs in the game, he decided to take it a step further and announced he was going to try and eat an entire inventory of them, which he expected to be around 138,000 in total.

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To make it more of a spectacle, he did it in the form of a subathon. The rules were simple: he would try and eat an entire inventory of eggs non-stop, even while streaming other content. For every 1000 subscriptions he got, he’d add another 999 eggs.

And, if he hit 20,000 subscribers, he’d shave his head, becoming an egg.

The eggs were divided into 140 stacks, and on his first day, he managed to get through 17 of them. But as he progressed throughout the week, his viewers kept on adding more as the number of subscriptions increased.

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It got to the point where mashing the keyboard started taking a toll on his body. So, to make things easier, he started using voice commands, used a foot pedal, and even resorted to using a program to let viewers help him eat eggs by typing a command in chat.

Finally, after seven long days and countless road bumps along the way, including problems with his computer and internet provider, and of course – the addition of more eggs, he finally completed the challenge on Monday, July 26.

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He ended up eating 147,000 eggs in total. But it wasn’t an effort made in vain. Not only has he made headlines around the world, but he ended up with almost 12,000 subscribers. It’s a little shy from the 20,000 he needed to shave his head, but that didn’t phase him.

RubberNinja’s subathon might not have been as historic as Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren’s, which lasted 31 days.

However, it was just as memorable, especially given the absurdity and hilarity of its nature. Plus, it’s something that other Final Fantasy 14 players got on board with, and it helped the game’s popularity boom even more.

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