How to get the Ty’aitya Mount in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

Liam Ho
FFXIV Ty'aitya Enemy

Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion introduced an adorable new Ty’aitya mount and with its fuzzy appearance, it’s a mount for collectors and fans of cute cosmetics. Here’s how to get it for yourself.

Dawntrail has brought a tonne of new content to the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. From new zones to new jobs as well as more raid and dungeon content, there are plenty of things to do in the game at the moment. This includes collecting all the new mounts, minions, and cool glamor items added to the game.

One such item is the fantastical Ty’aitya mount, which is perfect for any fans of cuddly critters. Looking to grab it for yourself? Here’s how to get the Ty’aiyta mount in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail.

Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail: How to get the Ty’aitya Mount

The Ty’aitya mount can be earned by trading in 500 Turali Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers to Edelina in Mor Dhona. These vouchers can only be purchased from Gemstone vendors in Tulliyollal and Solution Nine after you’ve hit max rank in Shared FATEs in every Dawntrail zone.

FFXIV Tulliyollal Gemstone Vendor
Players can grab Turali Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers from the vendors in Tulliyollal and Solution Nine.

If you think that’s a bit of a grind, it very much is. You’ll need to complete 66 FATEs in the 6 different zones, and then farm 100 Bicolor Gemstones for one Turali Bicolor Gemstone Voucher. Therefore you’ll need 50,000 Bicolor Gemstones if you want to pick up this mount, making it one for only the most avid of flying squirrels.

Each FATE nets you around 20 Bicolor Gemstones each, depending on your rank and if there are any bonuses active. As such you’ll be mass grinding FATEs if you want to pick this mount up.

Alternatively, you can buy Turali Gemstone Vouchers on the Market Board, which may provide a cheaper and less time-consuming option. However, the price of these vouchers will vary massively depending on what server you’re on, so it may not be worth the hassle for some.