How to play Viper in Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail

Scott Baird
How to play the Viper in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14’s Dawntrail expansion has added a new warrior job that slices foes with two lightning-fast blades. This skill comes at a cost, as you’ll need to learn how to manage their combos effectively.

As Dawntrail involves exploring a brand new continent, the Warrior of Light can take on the role of a frontline fighter who leaps headlong into danger. To this end, the Viper eschews defense to attack their foes with a sword in each hand.

As the Viper is a Melee DPS job, you’ll be meeting the enemy head-on. As such, you need to master your rotations quickly, as those on the frontline have little room to evade their foes. So, here’s our guide on how to play the Viper in Dawntrail:

FF14 Viper
The Viper is a swift job that’s focused on dealing tons of damage.

Viper combat basics

You need to reach Level 80 as a Disciple of War or Magic to take on the Viper job. Check out out Viper unlock guide for more information.

The Viper has different multi-hit combos for single enemies and mobs. These grant you stacks that can be used to power stronger moves. Initially, it will seem daunting, but the combos are relatively simple once you get the hang of them.

As one of Final Fantasy 14’s warrior jobs, you’ll gain access to the following Role actions: Arm’s Length, Bloodbath, Feint, Leg Sweep, Second Wind, and True North. Of these, it’s best to keep Bloodbath and Second Wind high on your hotbar priorities, as they provide helpful last-minute healing.

Directions are also important for Viper weaponskills, as some are more effective when used from different positions around the enemy. Any move with “flank” in the title will be stronger from the side (as does Hunter’s coil), while any move with “hind” in the title will be more effective when used from behind (as does Swiftskin’s Coil.)

While the Viper is predominantly a melee class, you do have one ranged option, with Writhing Snap. This gives you an attack to use when standing back out of an enemy’s AoE.

You also have the Slither ability, which shoots you across the room towards a target. Not only is this good for closing gaps, but it can be a last-second escape if you’re trying to run from an AoE attack.

FF14 Dawntrail update makes drastic change to character models
The Viper strikes with two swords and can merge them into one blade

Viper Vipersight Gauge explained

From the get-go, you’ll have access to the Vipersight Gauge, which resembles two segmented swords stuck together. The two ends of the sword are intended to correspond with icons on the hotbar, indicating the next move you should use, to ensure they’re empowered by previous attacks.

The Vipersight Gauge will add Rattling Coils as you level up, which are three crimson gems that appear in the center of its icon. Certain weaponskills will grant Rattling Coils, which can then be spent on Uncoiled Fury. At level 92, Uncoiled Fury can be comboed into Uncoilded Twinfang or Uncoiled Twinblood.

Viper Serpent’s Ire Gauge explained

Once you reach level 90, you’ll unlock the Serpent’s Ire Gauge, which is a meter with Anguine Tribute slots. When you hit level 96, you’ll have five slots. As you perform weaponskills, the meter will fill up, allowing you to use Reawaken to fill all slots.

The Anguine Tribute stacks can be spent on the “Generation” moves, namely First Generation, Second Generation, Third Generation, and Fourth Generation. One important thing you need to be aware of is that existing moves on your hotbar turn into Generation attacks and they cannot be set.

The moves that change are Steel Fangs and Steel Maw into First Generation, Dread Fangs, and Dread Maw into Second Generation, Hunter’s Coil and Hunter’s Den into Third Generation, and Swiftskin’s Coil and Swiftskin’s Den into Fourth Generation.

Once you reach level 100, after each Generation attack is performed, the Viper can use a double-bladed variant, named First Legacy, Second Legacy, Third Legacy, and Fourth Legacy. These will all appear on the Serpent’s Tail icon, unlike their predecessors.

How to complete Viper job quests in Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail
The Viper switches moves depending on the number of foes

Viper rotations

The Viper rotations will depend on whether you’re facing a single powerful foe or a group of enemies.

For single targets, use any stacks of Deadwinder you have, and follow into Swiftskin’s Coil and Hunter’s Coil. Then, go into the next combo with either Steel Fangs or Dread Fangs, and follow the glowing icons on the Vipersight to guide your next move. Once a combo string is ended, use Death Rattle, and go into the next one. Once you’ve run out of Deadwinders, rely on your standard combos until you can use Reawaken.

For a group of foes, start with Pit of Dread and use Swiftskin’s Den, followed by Hunter’s Den. While you wait for more stacks of Pit of Dread, you should alternate between Dread Maw and Steel Maw’s line of attacks, using a Last Lash when it becomes available.

Once you reach level 96, you can perform Ourobous for one Anguine Tribute to perform a powerful AoE, assuming you don’t want to use the Generation attacks.

It’s important to use your Rattling Coils (the red gems) as you get them to activate Uncoiled Fury, which will let you use Uncoiled Twinfang and Uncoiled Twinblood and weave them into your combo for stronger attacks.

Once the Serpent’s Ire meter is built up, use Reawaken, then go through each Generation attack. If you’re level 100, use the Legacy attacks. These are used alongside them, so First Generation into First Legacy, Second Generation into Second Legacy, etc.

The Viper has a ton of options and resources to use them. Your goal is to balance Dreadwinder/Pit for Dread usages, Rattling Coils into Uncoiled Fury, all building up to Reawaken into the Generation/Legacy strikes. Just keep an eye on the Vipersight to track your most effective moves.

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