FIFA 21 Season 5: Start time, Ultimate Team rewards leaked, Storyline cards

FIFA 21 season 5 ultimate team rewardsEA SPORTS

FIFA 21 Season 5 of Ultimate Team starts up in late March, and a number of the game’s unlockable rewards have been revealed already. Here, we run through what to expect, the start date and time, as well as Storyline cards. 

In FIFA 20, EA SPORTS introduced the Seasons system to Ultimate Team. It works just like a battle pass in other games, though, you don’t have to spend any cash to unlock it. It’s free to everyone who plays the game.

As you win matches, complete objectives, and finish Squad Building Challenges, you earn XP to add to your season progress. The further you get, the better your rewards are, as you pick up packs, coin boosts, and even unique cards along the way. 

Seeing as we’re moving away from winter, a new season has now descended onto FIFA 21 Ultimate Team – Season 5 – so here’s everything we know. 

FIFA 20 introduced Seasons to Ultimate Team and it’s been a game-changer.

FIFA 21 FUT Season 5 start date

In terms of when the season will be getting underway, that’s the easiest thing to know. There is a countdown in-game, after all. 

The day the current countdown is working towards is Friday, March 26 at 6pm GMT. That’ll be when the game updates and a new season gets underway.

This update will fall on the same day as FUT Birthday, which means we may get some thematic rewards for that roll out on the same day. Read here for our predictions before things got going.

FIFA 21 Seasons progressScreenshot via EA Sports
Season 5 of FIFA 21 Ultimate Team gets underway in late March.

What to expect: FUT Season 5 rewards

One part of the season that won’t change all that much is the rewards. You’ll still be able to get packs, coin boosts, and everything like that.

The cosmetics, which includes Tifos, stadium sounds, and everything else, will likely match the theme of the season. Though, there will likely be some weird and unusual ones as well. Who can ever forget the Cat Tifos from a few seasons back.

FIFA 21 Season 5 rewards

Season 5 brings a new set of rewards for players to earn.

A day before the event went live on March 26, a long list of new rewards was leaked ahead of schedule by FUTWatch on Twitter.

When the actual list came out, it turned out the reliable data miner’s March 25 tweet was fairly accurate. The full list of FIFA 21 Season 5 rewards can be found below:

  1. Free Pack — 75+ Rated Rare Player
  2. Coin Boost — 500 coins for 5 matches
  3. Free Pack — Premium Gold Pack
  4. Tifo — Choose from T-Rex or The King in Green
  5. Free Pack — 75+ Rated Rare Player
  6. Badge — Choose from T-Rex or The King in Green
  7. Free Pack — Jumbo Gold 26 Pack
  8. Tifo — Choose from Golem or Water Elemental
  9. Free Pack — Gold Players Pack
  10. Background Tifo — Choose from Golem or Water Elemental
  11. Stadium Theme — Choose from Golem or Water Elemental
  12. Tifo — Choose from Aquatic Empire or Sketchpad
  13. Free Pack — 75+ Rated Rare Player
  14. Free Pack — Small Prime Gold Players Pack
  15. Player — Choose from Obafemi Martins (86 ST), Angel Gomes (86 CAM) or Tarique Fosu (86 LW)
  16. Badge — Choose from Aquatic Empire or Sketchpad
  17. Free Pack — Rare Gold Pack
  18. Free Pack  Rare Gold Pack
  19. Stadium Theme — Choose from Aquatic Empire or Sketchpad
  20. Free Pack — Rare Electrum Players Pack
  21. Background Tifo — Choose from Aquatic Empire or Sketchpad
  22. Ball — Diamond Ball
  23. Free Pack — Mega Pack
  24. Free Pack — Prime Gold Players Pack
  25. Tifo — Choose from Concrete Canvas or Rio Carnival
  26. Badge — Choose from Concrete Canvas or Rio Carnival
  27. Free Pack — Choose from PL Prime Players Pack, Serie A Prime Players Pack or Ligue 1 Prime Players Pack
  28. Stadium Theme — Choose from Concrete Canvas or Rio Carnival
  29. Background Tifo — Choose from Concrete Canvas or Rio Carnival
  30. Player — Choose from Erik Lamela (89 RM), Jimmy Briand (88 ST) or Antonio Candreva (88 RM)

FUT Season 5 Level 15 & 30 Storyline cards

As for who will be a part of the Level 15 and Level 30 cards, well, it was a mystery right up until they got revealed on March 26 with the start of Season 5.

EA picked a number of players from different divisions, and at first glance the various options seem pretty decent. The Level 30 picks seem especially solid, and could end up being there with some of the best promo cards EA have released so far. 

The Level 15 and 30 Storyline cards for Season 5 can be found below, and it’s important to note that Season rewards will be untradeable.

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