FIFA 22 goal kick glitch is making it much easier to score

fifa 22 goal kick glitchEA Sports

Scoring goals in FIFA 22 might never get any easier as a new goal kick glitch has emerged, sending the ball right to your striker for a guilt-edged chance – if you do it right. 

FIFA 22 has been getting off to a flying start, largely due to all the changes they’ve made to revolutionize this year’s gameplay, and fans are eager to check out all the content within the game.

Whether you’re playing FUT or other game modes, you may notice some players trying to perform a new g0al kick glitch that can cause defences all sorts of problems.

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This is a glaring issue within FIFA 22, scoring from a goal kick is usually one of the rarest things you will see.

fifa 22 goal kick picEA Sports/JCC
A new FIFA 22 goal kick glitch has been found already.

New FIFA 22 goal kick glitch

From time to time, we’ve seen some major glitches pop up in FIFA, and a new one has emerged in FUT matches.

Essentially, when your keeper is lining up to take a kick, you’re able to launch it all the way down the pitch near the other goalkeeper. If you’re accurate with your direction and power, you’re also able to land it perfectly at one of your attacker’s feet near the corners – seen below in a video from YouTuber JCC. 

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Timestamp in the video below at 2:05. 

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JCC provides a flurry of examples throughout the video, as their opponent tried to execute this glitch on them a few times, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Then, they try their hand and were able to land the ball perfectly down the wings, making it incredibly easy to get a quick counter attack to catch your opponent off guard.

While we don’t know as of now if EA intends on patching this glitch, if you’re looking to get an edge on others in FUT we’ve got some guides listed below to get you up and running.

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