FIFA 22 FGS Swaps 1: Start date, how to get tokens & more

FIFA Global Series Swap Tokens are coming back to FIFA 22, and EA has announced when you’ll be able to start earning free FUT items just by watching FGS events on Twitch.

Swap Token FGS items are awarded for watching FIFA Global Series esports events, and can be redeemed for various player pack rewards.

The value of the pack you receive is based on how many Tokens you redeem for the repeatable FGS SBCs at once, so you’ll want to stack as many as possible for the best free reward.

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With the FIFA 22 version of the token now added to the game, fans will soon be able to start earning.

When do FGS Swaps start in FIFA 22?

The first opportunity to earn FGS Tokens this year will be the 2v2 FIFA 22 Challenge on October 21 at 7 PM GMT (2 PM EST), streamed on the FGS Twitch channel.

EA SPORTS has also previously told us that there will be another FIFA 22 Global Series event on November 27, 2021, so we’ll also be able to earn some then.

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Qualifiers for the FIFAe Club Series start in November, which includes the new TOTY and TOTS Cups as well. So there should be plenty of opportunities to obtain Swap Tokens in the next few weeks.

How to earn & redeem FIFA 22 FGS Swap Tokens

FIFA 22 FGS 1v1 eventsEA SPORTS
You can earn FGS Tokens by watching various events throughout the year.

To start, you’ll need to have your EA and Twitch accounts linked before watching FGS events on Twitch. You can find a full rundown of how to do this along with links right here.

Once you’ve got that done, all you need to do is watch FGS events and earn Tokens, which you can then trade in for various pack rewards. There are four different levels of rewards you can earn.

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Different from last year you can earn multiple rewards per event watched, including cosmetic FUT rewards in addition to just Tokens as well, even more of a reason to tune in.

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