FIFA 21 streamer explains gruelling journey to 100 million coin Ultimate Team

James Busby

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team packs continue to cause controversy, but one player recently outlined exactly how much time and money is required to make a dream team. 

FIFA 21 hasn’t exactly been getting good press as of late, especially after one of EA SPORTS’ own employees has been accused of selling rare Ulitmate Team ICON cards. These ultra-rare in-game items are highly coveted by the FIFA 21 community. While you can get by without spending a penny in FIFA 21, securing the best footy players will increase your odds of grabbing those game-winning goals. 

From loot boxes that contain randomized cosmetics to purchasable characters, modern games often have some form of in-game itemization that players can spend real-world money on. This current trend is an area many players are often worried about, which has led to critics slamming predatory tactics used in modern titles. 

However, one FIFA 21 player has recently totaled up the amount of money and time they would need to purchase their dream team. 

FIFA 21 player slams pay-to-win system

FUT team
ScudzTV’s dream FUT would require a huge money and time investment.

Posting on Twitter, @ScudzTV explained just how ridiculous the current pay-to-win system is in FIFA Ultimate Team. He addressed the issue to EA Sports’ official account, outlining the amount of money that would need to be spent to achieve his dream team. 

“You claim that everyone can get all players they desire without spending money on the game, here’s my dream team, a mere 100 million coin team.” The player notes that he’d need to play well over 60,000 games in order to amass the coins needed to purchase his dream team. 

“Assuming an average of 1,500 coins a game (accounting for weekly rewards) that’s a mere 66,666 games, says ScudzTV. “At an average of 20 minutes a game, that’s a mere 22,000 hours of gameplay or 916 days of gameplay 24/7. Realistic?”

Monitoring the market and trading is another way FIFA 21 players can obtain their favorite stars, but ScudzTV found that this would require around 10,000 trades. “Assuming an average of 10,000 coins profit per trade I need to make a mere 10,000 trades, [that’s] assuming I trade 10k every 10 minutes.”

If he traded 10k every 10 minutes, ScudzTV states he would need to trade for “1,650 hours or 69 days of trading 24/7.” It’s an absolutely absurd number and one that many FIFA fans would rather avoid. 

Of course, this ultimately leads players down a slippery slope, with the final option requiring a healthy bank account. “[If I get an] average of 100,000 coins profit per 12k FIFA Points spend, I need to purchase 1000x 12k FIFA Points, he says. “At a cost of £79.99 per 12k, I will need to spend a total of £79,990 on FIFA Points.”

fifa 21 Defenders
Budget teams can be incredibly effective, but the best teams can give you a huge edge.

ScudzTV goes on to argue that the current FUT system does not allow every FIFA 21 fan to realistically obtain the players they want. While it can be argued that this system helps give the community something to work towards, it is hard to see the positives when it literally requires such a huge investment. 

“Encouraging your community to spend HUGE amounts of time playing your game is a detriment to mental health, [while] encouraging your community to spend (for most) an unethical amount of money is a detriment to financial health.” 

Whether you’re an avid FIFA 21 player or not, there’s no denying just how costly investing in FIFA Ultimate Team can be.  The question is whether EA SPORTS will change their model to make these top-tier squads more attainable.