FIFA 21 release date, prices, EA Access, FUT Web App, ICONs, More


EA SPORTS have confirmed the FIFA 21 release date, as well as other details in several pitch notes that have been released. Here, we’re going to run through everything you need to know about EA Access, how to get a Beta code, and plans for next-gen consoles. 

Here, we’ve compiled every shred of information you could want ahead of its release later in 2020, and you can skip to whichever section you like using the contents page below.

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This page will also be regularly updated with fresh details, as soon as they are made available.


FIFA 21 release date

EA has promised a hefty overhaul of attacking and defending systems in FIFA 21.EA SPORTS
Players can’t wait for FIFA 21 to come out now.

EA SPORTS have confirmed that the Standard Edition of FIFA 21 will be released on October 9, with Champions and Ultimate Edition buyers having access to the game on October 6.

This three days early pass is exclusively available to those who purchase copies of those two, which come with pre-order bonuses if you’re fast enough.

FIFA 21 plans for next-gen: Xbox Series X & PS4

FIFA 21 FUT Champs stadiumGraphics: EA SPORTS
If you think FIFA 21 looks good in the trailers already, imagine how crisp it will look on Xbox Series X and PS4.

As of August 2020, there is no release date set for FIFA 21 on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4. Both consoles release this November, although a release date for FIFA 21 has not been set in stone at this time.

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However, plans for next-gen have been released.

EA have revealed that using their Dual-Entitlement feature players will be able to seamlessly switch from Xbox One to Xbox Series X, or PS4 to PS5, for free. In doing so, they will keep all of their saved data on Ultimate Team and other online modes. Career Mode and offline modes, however, will have their data kept on the original console they were saved to.

There will not be cross-play between current gen and next-gen players, although cards on the Ultimate Team market can be bought by either – developers confirmed on August 10. They also revealed in a Q&A session that you will be able to keep playing on your current gen console with saved online data, but just not at the same time as the next-gen one.

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FUT progression will remain in tact when you make the move over to Xbox Series X or PS4, and will continue to update in real time on your previous console as well.

That said, if you thought grabbing a new gaming system was going to keep you in touch with friends on older versions, unfortunately that will not be the case.

FIFA 21 trailers

Reveal trailer

Next-gen trailer


Ultimate Team

How much is FIFA 21? Prices of Standard, Champions & Ultimate Edition

FIFA 21 covers for Standard Champions and Ultimate EditionEA SPORTS
Here’s the three version of FIFA 21. Standard Edition (left, Champions Edition (middle) and Ultimate Edition (right).

FIFA 21 will be just as affordable as FIFA 20, but you can spend a little extra for in-game FUT bonuses if you like. Prices for each edition can be found below, according to Amazon. 

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  • Standard Edition price: £39.99 ($59.99)
  • Champions Edition price: £59.99 ($79.99)
  • Ultimate Edition price: £79.99 ($99.99)

FIFA 21 pre-order details

Pre-order bonuses make locking down your purchase of the game worthwhile, although some offers are only running for a limited time. These can be found below.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition pre-order rewards

FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition pre-order detailsEA SPORTS
Here’s what you get for pre-ordering FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition.

The Ultimate Edition pre-orders include an untradeable Ones to Watch card if you order by August 14. Timo Werner, who secured a move to Chelsea, is the only one to have been confirmed for OTW so far in FUT 21.

  • 3 days early access
  • Up to 24 rare gold packs
  • Cover star loan item
  • Career Mode homegrown talent
  • FUT Ambassador loan player pick
  • Special Edition FUT kits and Stadium Items

FIFA 21 Champions Edition pre-order rewards

FIFA 21 Champions Edition pre-order bonusesEA SPORTS
Here are the FIFA 21 Champions Edition pre-order bonuses.

The Champions Edition doesn’t include a OTW item, although there are more pre-order rewards available exclusively for this version.

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  • 3 days early access
  • Up to 12 rare gold packs
  • Cover star loan item
  • Career Mode homegrown talent
  • FUT Ambassador loan player pick
  • Special Edition FUT kits and Stadium Items

FIFA 21 Standard Edition pre-order rewards

FIFA 21 Standard Edition pre-order rewardsEA SPORTS
FIFA 21 Standard Edition pre-order rewards include these items.

This is the only copy that comes without a three day early access pass. Here’s what it includes:

  • Up to three rare gold packs
  • Cover star loan item
  • FUT Ambassador player pick
  • Special Edition FUT kits and Stadium Items

Pre-order discounts

If you’re looking for discounts on your pre-order as well, there are two options ahead of you. First, you can purchase EA Access which slashes 10% off the price right off the bat. Other than that, you can stack an extra 10% off (20% in total) by loading up FIFA 20, heading to the main menu, and clicking the pre-order FIFA 21 button.

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Do both of those things and you can pretty much get the edition higher for the same price as the version lower – more or less.

How to get FIFA 21 closed beta access

Here’s how the menus look in FIFA 21. With beta access, you will be able to scroll through them before most people.

Those who have been granted beta access for a new FIFA game in the past will know that there is no science to it, for the most part.

Players are selected at random to be part of the club. Beta codes are exclusive to those accounts who receive them, and are usually sent out via email. Keep an eye out.

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The beta runs from August 14 to September 1, allowing those selected for a sneak peek at Ultimate Team. Career Mode, VOLTA Football, or Pro Clubs. Head over our FAQs page for more information.

Those who recorded at least 27 wins in just one of the FIFA 20 FUT Champs tournaments will be granted access, guaranteed. That’s the only way, for sure, of securing a code. To make sure you get emails from EA, you can also sign up for alerts as seen below.

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FIFA 21 beta access emailsEA SPORTS
Here’s the box you need to check to sign up for EA’s emails.

How to sign up for EA emails

  1. Go to your EA Account Email Preferences.
  2. From there, check the box to be informed about new EA services and news emails.
  3. Remember to make sure you’re checking the right email address as well. Then, even if it’s not guaranteed, wait to be granted access.
  4. If you receive one, check the mode you have been granted access to.
  5. Load up the beta code onto your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 console.

FIFA 21 FUT Web App & Companion App

Login screen for FIFA 20 Web App

The FUT Web App and Companion App will launch on September 30. This is around a week before the game’s Champions and Ultimate Editions are released and just a day prior to EA Play early access.

These applications will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile. Here, you will be able to create your first Ultimate Team lineup and even buy some squad players.

Daily rewards are often handed out, so log in as many times as you can before launch.

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FIFA 21 EA Access

FIFA 21 players with EA Access logoEA SPORTS
Interested in EA Access for FIFA 21? Let’s take a look at when it’s coming out.

EA Access for FIFA 21 will start up on October 1, which is five days before the first edition goes live.

Included will be a 10 hour free trial of FIFA 21. You can choose to play any game mode you like during that time.

The monthly subscription service also grants players access to a number of games for free, as part of its online library, as well as a 10% discount on FIFA 21 purchases like FIFA Points in Ultimate Team. It costs $4.99 per month (£3.99) or $29.99 (£19.99) for the entire year.

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FIFA 21 cover stars

Trent Alexander-Arnold in FIFA 21EA SPORTS
Alexander-Arnold is just one of the game’s cover stars, but there’s much more than that.

Kylian Mbappe is the global cover star of FIFA 21. Alongside him is three other cover stars. These include Trent Alexander-Arnold, Joao Felix, and Erling Haaland.

It’s handy to know, especially at the beginning of the game, which player plays each role because included in each version of the game is different loan cards.

EA have also picked a wide range of other FIFA 21 Ambassadors, as well.

  • Mason Mount – Chelsea
  • Phil Foden – Manchester City
  • Steven Bergwijn – Tottenham Hotspurs
  • Georgia Stanway – Manchester City
  • Aaron Connolly – Brighton and Hove Albion
  • Hernandez – AC Milan
  • Martin Odegaard – Real Sociedad
  • Mal Pugh – USWNT
  • Dest – Ajax
  • Reyna – Dortmund
  • Guimaraes – Lyon
  • Gwinn – Bayern Munich

Ultimate Team: New ICONs, Co-Op, Division Rivals, Squad Battles & FUT Champs

Phillip Lahm will finally make his return in FIFA 21, as an ICON card.

The biggest news we’ve had so far on FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is the addition of players from the past, or ICONs.

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A full list has been confirmed now and it’s 100 names strong. The newest editions include not just Lahm, but the following as well.

FIFA 21 new ICONs list

  • Fernando Torres
  • Phillip Lahm
  • Samuel Eto’o
  • Ferenc Puskas
  • Ashley Cole
  • Petr Cech
  • Nemanja Vidic
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger
  • Eric Cantona
  • Xavi Hernandez
  • Davor Suker

Co-Op Ultimate Team

Co-Op Squad Battle will feature in FIFA 21.

For the first time in the mode’s history, there will be a dedicated section for Co-Op play, just like online Seasons.

Included in the Ultimate Team pitch notes, EA confirmed match caps and a search toggle for the new feature. A statement reads: “In Squad Battles we’ve had a limit to the number of games that you could play that counted towards your weekly score, referred to throughout this section as a scored match. In FUT 21 we’ll also be bringing a similar cap to Division Rivals.

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“For Division Rivals specifically, matchmaking will be done using the highest Skill Rating of the duo. So if the host is in Division 9 and the guest is in Division 5, players will be matched at the higher Skill Rating of Division 5 using our existing matchmaking for Division Rivals.

There will also be a toggle that allows you to choose between matching against solo players or Co-Op groups.

Division Rivals and Squad Battles

FIFA 21 Division RivalsEA SPORTS
Division Rivals placements are changing in FIFA 21.

Just like last year, Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and FUT Champions Weekend League have been shaken up.

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In FIFA 21 there will be a smoother path between offline Squad Battles and the transition to Division Rivals, EA claim. They have said: “This year you will have an alternative placement method to help you find your level in Division Rivals. The first 30 matches played in Squad Battles will factor the difficulty you play at, and the results of your games, into your placement Division.”

This means that by playing against the AI, the game will work out where you should be placed in online competition and rank each player accordingly to start them off.

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New coin rewards are coming to Rivals as well, so if you get promoted you will receive rewards, as well as a one-time coin gift. The numbers haven’t yet been confirmed on this, though.

FIFA 21 division rivals rewardsEA SPORTS
Here is a screenshot of the FIFA 21 Division Rivals one-off coin boost. That 10,000 figure isn’t yet set in stone.

FUT Champions leaderboard changes

FUT Champions and Squad Battles have had their usual Top 100 leaderboard changed, too. This time it will be a Top 200 instead.

In an official statement, developers said: “Through the expansion of the leaderboards to a Top 200, we’ll provide a higher level of visibility to top-performing players in both competitions. This will be paired with an extension of the rewards throughout the Top 200. We’re planning to double the size of the previous tiers with the exception of rank 1 so the 101 – 200 ranked players won’t just be getting the lowest Top 100 rewards.”

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A table to show the revised system has been revealed, too.

New FIFA 21 Top 200 leaderboardEA SPORTS
EA SPORTS broke down how the new leaderboard would look, in their Ultimate Team pitch notes.

The weekly tournament is likely to become even more competitive, as the top tier has been opened right up to new challengers.

FIFA 21 player ratings

FIFA 21 player ratings have not yet been revealed by developers, although they are likely to drop fairly soon.

The first chance we get to see these, typically, is around the release of the beta version. As of August 2020, none have yet been confirmed.

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A few graphics have been released, showing off the Ultimate Team menus, yet even there the ratings were all based on FIFA 20. As soon as we know more here, we’ll update this section. Until then, feel free to check out all of our predictions below.

FIFA 21 top player ratings predictions

Each league’s predictions:

FIFA 21 Career Mode

Visual Sim

Interactive Match Sim screenshot from FIFA 21EA SPORTS
One of the confirmed features coming back in FIFA 21 is visual match sim.

FIFA 21 Career Mode is bringing back a visual simulation feature, which allows players to intervene while skipping a match.

These visual simulations will last four or five minutes, maximum. You also have the option to intervene, too. If you go 1-0 down, for example, you can choose to jump onto the field and play.

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New training features

Player position training in FIFA 21EA SPORTS
Train players for new positions in FIFA 21.

A few new training features have been announced as well. EA have confirmed managers will be able to train players into different roles on the pitch, officially, for the first time ever.

This means that if you have a shortage of players in one position, say left wing, you can now train other members of the squad to fill in comfortably. Previously this has just been a set thing that could not be changed. You could put a player out of position, sure, but they wouldn’t ever develop into the role as they will now.

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We will be able to actively improve the week foot, skill level, and more with personalized training.

Create a training schedule

FIFA 21 Career mode scheduleEA SPORTS
Active Training will let you train players and create their schedule to be super sharp for matchdays.

Next up is the training schedule feature. Unlike never before, FIFA 21 will allow you to really take initiative and monitor the training regimes of not just the entire squad, but have responsibility of the personal development of players.

This includes choosing their off days, and when they should train harder. This will impact morale of the players and squad overall, as you formulate the best methods to keep them all match fit.

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As far as gameplay goes, custom tactics have been given an overhaul too. This will impact all managers in Career Mode and could help them realize their play styles even more than previous games. Aside from that, developers have also confirmed that the “biggest” ever update to the offline game mode has been executed.


Transfers are changing in FIFA 21 Career Mode.

Loan-to-buy options have been added, where you can request players on a short stint, with an option to purchase them at the end.

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EA have also confirmed that the AI will take an active role in negotiations, proposing their own swap deals with members of your squad, while offerings some of their own as well.

Speaking of negotiations, things are getting stricter. As seen in previous games, you will notice in FIFA 21 that it will be incredibly difficult to make transfers with rival clubs. Player personality features customized specifically for established stars and up-comers will decide if they’re a one club man, or a journeyman.

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EA posted the following changes to transfers in their pitch notes:

  • Loan to Buy – instead of making risky transfers, you can now loan the players you desire first, with the option to make the transfers permanent when or if they live up to your expectations.
  • AI Player Swap Proposals – while Player Swaps were introduced to Career mode a while back, you might have noticed that AI was still preferring old-fashioned, cash-only transfers. The AI will now make player swap proposals with players of their own. When you attempt to buy a player from another club, they can propose a swap as well, asking for one of your players in return.
  • Contract Renewal Improvements – We’ve given the AI-controlled clubs the ability to perform contract renewals based on the players’ rank in the club, so you will usually not see the top players in a club become Free Agents. It can still happen in some cases, as top players might not always want to accept contract renewals.

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs

FIFA 21 Pro Clubs new featuresEA SPORTS
New features have been confirmed for FIFA 21 Pro Clubs.

On August 12, EA SPORTS snuck out another pitch notes article that included some Pro Clubs changes. Not as many as other game modes, it must be said.

Managers will be able to customize every single player on the pitch, including AIs, in FIFA 21. This includes:

  • Kit Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Preferred foot
  • Face
  • Skin tone
  • Eyes
  • Brows
  • Nose
  • Mouth
  • Ears
  • Hair and Facial hair
  • Kit fit
  • Accessories
  • Animations

Aside from that, new tactics options are coming as well. One thing that Pro Clubs players couldn’t take advantage of, or control of, in recent years has been the tactical side of gameplay.

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FIFA 21 Pro Clubs tactics optionsEA SPORTS
Pro Clubs tactics have been added.

In the next game, that’s all about to change. EA have confirmed: “Club Managers can now customize up to five preset tactics which can be found in another new tile under the ‘Manage’ section in Pro Clubs. Each preset tactic can have all five game plans customized (Ultra Defensive, Defensive, Balanced, Attacking, Ultra Attacking).”

There has been no mention about the way players rank up their pro this year, so presumably that is the same as last year. Same goes for the abilities we unlock as time goes by.

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That’s everything we know about FIFA 21 so far. Catch us on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK for more game leaks, guides, and news.

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