EA offers free FIFA 21 next-gen upgrade with ‘Dual Entitlement’ feature

by Isaac McIntyre


EA SPORTS has confirmed all FIFA 21 players will be able to upgrade to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions free of charge if they already purchased the current-generation versions, thanks to the new “Dual Entitlement” feature.

FIFA 21’s new dual entitlement feature is basically cross-progression between generations of consoles, with “no extra costs.” EA’s new title is expected to arrive a while before all of the next-gen console’s quite vague “holidays” launch window, and this means players won’t have to wait to buy.

“For FIFA 21, we’re partnering with Sony and Microsoft to offer you a Dual Entitlement ⁠— meaning you won’t need to buy FIFA 21 twice to upgrade your copy of the game from PS4 to PS5, or Xbox One to Xbox Series X,” EA confirmed.


The dual-share system won’t bring everything over from a current-generation console to the 2020 releases, however. FIFA Ultimate Team will be spread across both, as will Volta, but all other modes ⁠— including career mode and prob clubs ⁠— won’t come across in the jump.

Here's everything you need to know about the new FIFA franchise feature, including how to make sure you can take your FUT progress across when you finally make the switch from your Xbox One/PS4 into the future of console gaming.


How to use new FIFA 21 Dual Entitlement feature

The Dual Entitlement feature is super-simple to use. Simply purchase a copy of FIFA 21 on the current-generation console you own, and once you have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you’ll have access to the title there too!

There are a few catches, of course. You can’t cross sides in the ongoing console battle and still expect to keep your title ownership. That means, no PS4 to XSX, and no X1 to PS5. Each switch has to be from the same manufacturer.


If you purchase a physical copy of FIFA 21, you will get given a digital entitlement code for the download once you upgrade. This will be tied to the gaming profile that you use in the original copy, so you don’t have two versions of EA’s bumper 2020 release, unfortunately.

There is one bonus part of Dual Entitlement in FIFA 21 too ⁠— the feature will work in the same way as cross-progression in other titles. That means you can use your Ultimate Meta and play the same Volta save on both consoles.


Remember, only FUT and Volta Football will be coming across with you! If you want to play online seasons, co-op seasons, career mode, and pro clubs, you’ll have to stick to the one console for the lifespan of FIFA 21.

The next release in EA's ever-present football franchise is expected to arrive on October 9. If you want to get started on FIFA early this year, you can play from October 1 with Origin Access (PC) and EA Access (Xbox One, PS4).