Diogo Jota bails early on FIFA 22 tournament to rush to Premier League match

Diogo Jota in a Liverpool shirtLFC/Twitter

Diogo Jota had to quickly withdraw from a FIFA 22 tournament to make it to Liverpool’s Premier League match against Southampton.

The 24-year-old forward was participating in a FIFA 22 online tournament on November 27. However, it ended up running into the same time as an actual Premier League match he had to play in.

With the latter being undoubtedly more important, he told his opponent he would miss check in for the online game.

His opponent, who scored a free win because of the real life interruption, wished him good luck in the actual football match the star had to take part in.

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After thanking them, Jota went to play in the real-life Nov. 27 fixture vs. Southampton, who Liverpool absolutely took apart 4-0.

Not only did Jota play, he scored two goals in the first half alone. After his first one, he threw out a celebration dedicated to all the FIFA players out there.

After his first goal just two minutes into the match, Diogo took a seat in front of the crowd and acted like he was playing the game at home on the sticks.

It’s well known the Portuguese player, who probably earned himself a Team of the Week spot with this performance, is a longtime fan of the FIFA video game franchise.

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He’s even credited the game for making him into a better player on the pitch. With two goals in under 40 minutes just after playing, it could be true.