New Liverpool signing Jota explains how FIFA 20 made him a better player

Diogo Jota in a Liverpool shirtLFC/Twitter

New Liverpool signing Diogo Jota has explained how FIFA is actually “useful” when it comes to playing in the Premier League as there are plenty of similarities. 

Plenty of professional footballers are just normal FIFA fans. They try and build a top Ultimate Team in order to dominate FUT Champs like everyone else – though it does help when they have a 95-rated version of themselves.

While we’ve seen plenty of players stake a claim to be the best, Diogo Jota – who joined Liverpool from Wolves for a reported £41 million – actually managed to achieve the ridiculous feat of going 30-0 in FUT Champs. 

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The Portuguese star isn’t just about playing FIFA for fun and bragging rights though, he actually uses the game to make himself a better player in real-life. 

Jota might be the best professional footballer when it comes to FIFA.

The 23-year-old spoke to The Athletic back in May about his love for games like Football Manager and FIFA – including how he’d taken Telford United to the very top of European Football in FM.

Though he might consider getting his coaching badges at a later date, it’s FIFA that actually helps him now. The new Liverpool signing explained that he likes to find ways to play football in video games – be it as a manager or player and that they can be “useful” with regards to real-life games.

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“In FIFA you can understand tactics better,” he told Wolves reporter Tim Spiers. “Yes, you play for fun, but you’re trying to work at different things, for example, if the first half your opponent might play a specific way, so in the second half you try to counter-act that.”

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The former Wolves man went 30-0 on FUT Champs and ranked at 61 for the weekend.

Comparing real-life Premier League action to FIFA might seem a bit off base to some, but the new Liverpool man isn’t wrong.

If someone is dominating you in FUT Champs because of their style of play or because of their team, the best players will try to make changes to prevent it from happening further instead of just plowing on.

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It is the same in real life when it comes to say tracking a runner defensively or finding a pocket of space in an opposing backline.